(Inactive) Blackboard Design Overview

About (Inactive) Blackboard Design

The Design sub-group acts and works with Blackboard as an advisory group at very early stage to discuss the new features and techniques that Blackboard
is considering to incorporate in new products or new versions of existing products that haven’t been released yet.
The goal is to help Blackboard to evolve to apply Universal Design. This way will we can make sure that the accessibility of the intended technologies
to be used is going to be accessible. This subgroup tests new products or upcoming releases for accessibility features to make sure that accessibility
features are incorproated in them.

Members of this subgroup are required to sign an NDA agreement with blackboard. If you are interested in joining this subgroup, please drop a note to Terry
Thompson, the leader of this subgroup at tft@u.washington.edu or to hadi Rangin at hadi@uiuc.edu.

Minutes of the meetings and their findings is not accessible to the public due to proprietory information of unreleased products.