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About (Inactive) Blackboard Accessibility Interest Group

This is the blackboard Accessibility Interest Group. the goal of this group is to bring accessibility specialists and blackboard product development team together to improve the accessibility of Blackboard Learning Management System.

prior to 2010 we had two sub-groups namely Blackboard Design and Blackboard Documentation.
The Blackboard Design sub-group worked with Blackboard on discussing, testing, and icorporating accessibility features of new modules in the design process and the Blackboard Documentation sub-group worked with Blackboard on improving the accessibility related documentations and bestpractices.

In 2011 Blackboard took over the responsibility for managing and running the Design sub-group which they are still doing it. Working in Design sub-group requires signing an NDA with Blackboard and a couple of hours monthly time commitment. If you are interested to work in this sub-group, please drop a note to hadi@illinois.edu.

The Documentation sub-group is not active at this time. We will be glad to re-activate this sub-group if there is a need for it. Visit the archive of the Documentation sub-group to learn what projects they workd on.

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At this time we are not meeting on regular basis but we met in the past on the second Monday of each month at 1:00 PM Central Time. We will resume with the regular monthly meeting if needed and there is a demand for it.

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