(Inactive) Blackboard Collaborate Accessibility Interest Group Overview


The group name has changed to Blackboard Collaborate Accessibility Interest Group. As the result all the old URLs pointing to this group won’t work. To fix the problem simply replace the word “elluminate” with “bbcollaborate” in the old URLs. Sorry for inconvenience.

About (Inactive) Blackboard Collaborate Accessibility Interest Group

Blackboard Collaborate (formrly Elluminate) is one of the powerful Web Conferencing Tools in the market and used by many higher education systems, including the University of Illinois.

To improve the accessibility/usability of this essential tool, we have stablished this collaboration group to work together with Blackboard Collaborate and other interested entities and individuals. This collaboration group has started in December 2009 and as the result of this collaboration Elluminate and later Blackboard Collaborate as well as the mobile app of this product have become significantly more usable and accessible with every new releases.

We welcome anyone who is interested in improving the accessibility of Blackboard Collaborate to join this group. You don’t need to be a technical guru or accessibility expert to join this group; however, it is expected that you are familiar with the basics of accessibility and are willing to dedicate a few hours each month to this collaboration effort.

How to Become a Member

Membership requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the Non-disclosure Agreement.
  2. Join the Blackboard Collaborate Accessibility Interest Group.
  3. Subscribe to the Elluminate Accessibility Mailing List.

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