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This group is no longer active. If you are interested to contribute and lead this group please drop me a note at hadi@illinois.edu.

About (Inactive) Flash Best Practices Working Group

Flash Best Practices Working Group (FBPWG) is a collaborative research group comprised of web designers, multimedia specialists, accessibility specialists, instructional designers, graphic designers, and others who work regularly with Adobe Flash as part of their professional activity. The mission of this group is to investigate, test, and document best practices in Flash production and design that follow the principles of universal design and meet accessibility guidelines for the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA). Within the Flash Best Practices Working Group, subgroups called “interest groups” give members an opportunity to work with other members who share similar interests in investigating and documenting best practices for specific areas of Flash production and design, like captioning (for videos), players (videos, audio, etc.), controls (buttons), animation (banners, aesthetic elements, tweening), and galleries (images). The Flash interest groups document and share their findings with the entire Flash Best Practices Working Group as part of the group’s overarching mission of documenting best practices for Flash production and design.

If you are interested in joining this effort, please register (if you haven’t registered yet) and join the Flash Best Practices Working Group

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