(Inactive) Flash Best Practices Working Group Documentation


This group is no longer active. If you are interested to contribute and lead this group please drop me a note at hadi@illinois.edu.

Flash Accessibility 101

By: Hadi Rangin

Date: Thursday May 14

Many people have researched the accessibility of Flash, written about it, created good examples, and compiled Best Practices on how to make an accessible Flash object. unfortunately, These valuable information are scattered on the Internet, sometimes vague, and partially incomplete.

The goal of this group is not to re-invent the wheels and start from scratch. We would like to use the knowledge and experience of other Flash experts and build on what they have already researched and developed. My hope is that we this group improves the already existing Best Practices, provides good examples, and centralizes the information so a typical Flash developer can go there, learn about the accessibility of Flash and how to create an accessible flash object.

to improve the productivity of this great project and increase our understanding about accessibility of Flash, I recommend that everyone studies the following materials/projects. I consider them as Flash Accessibility 101.

  1. Creating Accessible Flash Content: By WebAim


  2. Flash Accessibility Design Guidelines: By Adobe

  3. Best Practices for Accessible Flash Design: By Bob Regan

  4. Can You Create Accessible Websites Using Flash? By Mike Scott from MSF&W

  5. Flash test page: By Mike Scott from MSF&W

  6. Easier watching of YouTube videos: A project from Chris Heilmann

  7. Accessible Interface to YouTube: A project from Thomas Jolliffe


    This is my favorite alternative YouTube Flash player. It makes use of technologies such as JavaScript,
    in line with what we can reasonably expect on the web nowadays, but also of
    things like WAI-ARIA live regions to aid the use of such dynamic scripting.
    Similarly, the video player uses a Flash object, but controlled by
    JavaScript firing from standard HTML buttons, instead of using buttons
    integrated into the Flash object itself.