IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


Web Accessibility Conference at UIC
  • Ideas for next years conference

Adobe PDF Accessibility CommonLook Program
  • Feedback from users
  • Any one interested in participation

Update on FAE and Best Practices Group
  • DHTML version of FAE
  • Update of IITAA requirements
  • Commenting on Section 508 Refresh

  • Training needs
  • Training announcements

Other Issues


UIC Digital Expo
  • KP: I would like to get more people with in the IBHE event
  • KP: I did a survey and we have ideas for improving the conference next year
  • KP: A committee in the organization of it
  • KP: We usually just had teleconferences
  • KP: We will have special committees for different parts of the conference
  • HR: Can you highlight the mission of the conference, who is the main target
  • HR: I sent out and e-mail and I will send it again
  • HR: Without an idea of who will be attending it is hard
  • RG: We would send people to Chicago
  • KW: Some people from our faculty development
  • AH: Same hear
  • TT: We sent some people, how many people where there?
  • KP: We had about 140-150 people, more than last year
  • KP: We require payment this year and had more people
  • SS: The only thing is that we could not travel
  • SS: We would like to see something in Springfield
  • HR: Making it a university of Illinois event that would rotate between campuses
  • JG: Is there an interest in more than one conference a year?
  • KP: We did three different tracks: admin, instruction and web
  • JG: We were mostly interested in web developers at UIUC
  • KP: I wills end out a mission statement
  • HR: I would like to see a session about how to work together more
  • MT: I attended the UIC expo, I liked seeing all the equipment
  • MT: Maybe have sessions with students with disabilities share, instead of charging people could buy there own lunch
  • PK: We have discussed that as part of the program
  • TT: The disabilities advisory meeting is on June 21st or about these ideas
  • PK: IBHE sponsored the event so it would be nice to thank the IBHE for sponsorship of the event
  • JG: Is there anyone interested in something in central illinois
  • SS: I would be interested in helping
  • KW: I don’t think NIU would send people
  • JN: I think instructional designer are interested
  • JN: I don’t think this group has reached out to them
  • PK: That’s why we reach this group
  • JN: You need reach out that group
  • JN: I was trying to reach out to that group, there is an interest
  • JN: They need training on what they need to do
  • HR: Did you see that free workshop from the Sloan foundation
  • JN: I saw the e-mail
  • HR: We have been trying to reach out this group
  • KP: We sent out a mass e-mail to all UIC faculty and only come
  • JN: I will bring three people to call next month
  • HR: I will also try to invite instruction
  • JR: Can we next meeting will be June 9th at 9:00am, theme instructional design
  • JR: We need to make sure that what we do is something instructional designers want to do

Adobe CommonLook
  • JG: Is this something people want to continue
  • KW: I use it to make forms accessible, I will ask for support
  • PK: We decided to do training, the tool was not easy to use
  • JG: NIU might right
  • JG: Probably

IITAA Revision
  • JG: IITAA is required to be updated every three years and this is the 3rd year
  • JG: there will probably be revisions toward using the new Section 508 requirements that are currently under review
  • JG: I sent out information on a webinar on Section 508 and the best practices group will be discussing the revisions this afternoon

Next Meeting
  • June 9th at 0:00am