IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Accessibility of Online Instructional Materials
  • Conducting a survey of current practices and needs of instructional designers and faculty
  • Coordinating and sharing current resources on accessible instructional design

2. IITAA Update Information
  • Update from web accessibility best practices working group

3. End of NetCentric CommonLook Site License

4. Other Issues


  • License ended last month

IBHE Board
  • DAC meeting on 9 August
  • IBHE Board on 10 August

UIC Digital 2011
  • 11 April 2011
  • Looking for people to participate in creating the agenda
  • TT: Where there instructional faculty that came?
  • KP: We did not have many, we hope we can get something going earlier
  • KP: Trying to find faculty members to help in planning
  • KW: We had some instructional designers come
  • JG: Maybe some one from NIU could be on the committee
  • KP: We will be setting pf phone calls

  • TT: It seems like a good idea
  • JG: Time line is to draft a survey by next month and then review next month and then send it out in the fall
  • JG: Ideas of questions?
  • KW: Question: Do you know what is inaccessible?
  • KW: Do you know the level of accessibility of your current materials
  • JG: 5 Choices
  • JG: What technologies/software do you use to create instructional materials
    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Microsoft Word
    • Camtasia/Captivate
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Scanned PDF
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • U-Tube
    • iTunes
    • Pod casts
    • Lecture capture
    • Wikis
    • Softchalk
  • CB: Separate question on video/audio
  • JN: Instructors use mostly office, instructional designers use adobe products, web is wide open in terms of technology used
  • JN: It would be difficult to capture this int he survey
  • JG: we want question that lead to training
  • JG: Do we need a question about what they want to learn about?
  • JN: The way faculty development is occuring, they do set a calendar of things, most training is more 1 on 1, and is drop in
  • JN: Training materials, work with the faculty developers
  • JN: I think it will be better to serve faculty developers
  • JN: We need to know what accessibility is, especially for Word and Powerpoint
  • JN: Most faculty are not doing Flash or Adobe products
  • JG: Focus the survey on faculty developers and instructional designers the same people?
  • JN: Some times they are the same people/groups and some times they are different people/groups
  • JN: There is not a statewide method to communicate with faculty development people in CC, not like distance learning people
  • JG: So we a question about what peoples role or roles?
  • KW: We can ask what they use most
  • CD: I am teaching a UD workshop for orientation week, we also do things on demand
  • ACTION JG: Draft survey for review next month (CD will help)

Update on Best Practices
  • JG: developing evaluation protocols to be used in evaluating web accessibility efficiently
  • JG: Developing new rules for dynamic web accessibility with open ajax alliance
  • JG: Web best practices group is focusing on PDF accessibility
  • JG: If you are interested in participating in one of these activities please contact me

Next meeting on 4 August 2010