IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Accessibility of Online Instructional Materials

2. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo (Kevin Price)
  • Teleconference immediately following this teleconference at 10:00am (CST)
  • Call in number: 312-413-2005

3. Other Issues


  • RG: Add to Question 2 “Panopto Course CAST”
  • RG: Use Blackboard/WebCT
  • Discussion of universal design
  • SS: Are people creating MP3 of lectures
  • SS: What are people doing?
  • SS: What is current practice
  • SS: What is easy to create
  • JG: What type of archive materials are available to students after a lecture?
  • JG: Powerpoint slides
  • JG: MP3 of lecture audio
  • JG: Video of lecture
  • JG: Lecture notes
  • JG: Transcript of lecture
  • JG: Video optimized for pervasive technologies
  • CD: What about incentives
  • JG: What types of incentives
  • CD: Certification
  • JG: Certification of instructional materials or certification of yourself
  • JG: Are there continuation education requirements for instructors in CC
  • CD: There are continuing education requirements
  • CD: Maybe a question about continuing education credits
  • JG: Right now the survey is looking what are the learning interests, not motivation for implementing accessible design
  • JG: Another question how do you currently learn how to use the technologies you use to teach on line
  • CD: The computing staff do teaching of basic access to online systems, I teach the details
  • JG: On the average how many students in a semester do you teach that have asked for academic accommodations
  • JG: Do we also need to ask how many students they teach?
  • TT: Yes that would probably be good
  • JG: Do we need a question asking about the priority of implementing accessible design?
  • CD: It might be worth asking?
  • JG: What about dissemination
  • TT: There would be some mechaisms at harper
  • SS: We have training council
  • CP: We could send it to instructors
  • CD: My director said that web accessibility is a priority of CC
  • JG: Next month we will talk about sending out the survey and any final comments