IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. DOJ call for Comments on ADA and Web Accessibility

2. Accessibility of Online Instructional Materials

3. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo (Kevin Price)
  • Update from Kevin Price

4. New Issues or Activities


DOJ call for Comments on ADA and Web Accessibility
  • Interested in results of other groups

UIC Digital Accessibility Expo (Kevin Price)
  • Working to finalize speakers
  • Invited speakers from Microsoft and Adobe
  • Looking for presenters, so please contact me if you are interested
  • There will be another agenda committee early next year
  • You may want to contact the ADA coordinator at OSU
  • Date is April 11th

Universal Design Survey
  • Added a few sections
  • Need a question on simple demographics of users
  • Will discuss the distribution of the survey at the call next month

Training Needs
  • SS: Elluminate and Adobe PDF accessibility are top areas of interest
  • SS: We have a push for online training to reduce travel costs
  • Discussion of captioning needs
  • GD: Creating a transcript makes it easier to create captions
  • GD: I do lot of online teaching
  • JG: maybe you can do a webinar

Next Meeting
  • January 4th at 11:30am CST