IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. DOJ call for Comments on ADA and Web Accessibility (5 minutes)

2. Accessibility of Online Instructional Materials (20 minutes)

3. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo (5 minutes)
  • Update from Kevin Price

4. New Issues or Activities


DOJ Response
  • People can respond to only some of the questions
  • Responses should focus on impact on students, faculty and staff with disabilities
  • The requirement to make the web more accessible is important because students, faculty and staff with disabilities need access to resources outside the university

  • Provide a one week grace period for changes to the survey
  • If no comments by January 10th the survey will go live
  • The survey will active until Friday, February 11th, unless there is a need to extend it (discuss at 1 February meeting)
  • Jon Gunderson will send a message when the survey is available
  • Institutions should start the survey as soon as possible after it becomes available
  • Institutions are looking to distribute through faculty senate and educational technology list serves
  • TO will talk to Glenda Morgan about the survey at UIUC

UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • Speakers are set from Microsoft and Scott Lissner from OSU
  • Looking to finalize agenda
  • Looking for ideas session

Other Issues
  • Tom Thompson is retiring, but will continue to work on universal design issues as a contractor
  • Microsoft Office 2010 accessibility training
  • Waubonsee community college is creating accessibility policy
  • CD will find a name from Waubonsee

Next Meetings
  • Next regular meeting will be February 1st
  • Special meeting on February 15th to discuss survey results