IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Conferences Update

2. Workshops on Universal Design
  • Who would like to organize?
  • What should be the content?
  • Where should they be?

2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Course on Designing Accessible Web Forms
  • http://formsonline.cita.illinois.edu/

3. New Issues or Activities


  • Announcement of conferences

Organizing on UD workshops
  • JG: What are the training resources
  • JG: No we have no one on the call
  • JG: Where do we have opportunities for UD?
  • GD: Captivate, JQuery and Flash are used at DeVry
  • GD: Some people use camtasia
  • GD: Mostly teach online
  • RS: I am not sure what are priorities
  • RS: I am the EEO officer at NE
  • CD: We sue a wide range of technology, some are more accessible than others
  • CD: We have been using articulate studio that generates Flash and is delivered through Powerpoint, it does have the ability to generate a transcript and follow a script
  • GD: Do use Captivate
  • CD: I have heard it is easier to caption video, than Camtasia
  • JG: So what is the next step?
  • CD: I am interested in helping organize a workshop, I have created a introductory workshop for Harper
  • CD: We have a universal design for education
  • CD: I put together a SoftChalk presentation for orientation
  • SS: I don’t have the time to help with a workshop
  • SS: I am interested in what people are doing with Captivate
  • SS: We are using Elluminate for online training, there is a lot of stuff up in the air
  • CD: We use Elluminate and did a demo of live transcription
  • SS: I want to make a recording and then make it accessible

Action Items
  • CD: Send out a workshop description
  • JG: When were you planning on offering workshop?
  • CD: I would need to coordinate with Kevin Price
  • GD: What about online?
  • CD: We can create an archive
  • JG: We may want to develop a series of webinars on specific technologies
  • JG: I will look at the survey
  • JG: For this group to continue we need to have some concrete results like a workshop or webinars on specific topics