IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Conferences Update
  • Slate: "http://slategroup.uchicago.edu/":http://slategroup.uchicago.edu/

2. Training Events
  • Priorities for training events
  • Webinar delivery technologies
  • Tentative dates
  • Collecting the event information and archiving resources

3 Other issues


UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • KP: Thank you for people attending
  • KP: Looking for comments on how to improve the next conference
  • KP: We would like to save the date for April 20th, 2012 (Friday)
  • KP: Call me or send me an e-mail with feedback
  • RH: I thought it was a fantastic event
  • GD: More vendors related to online access and more hands on like HTML5 and mobile accessibility
  • GD: I wish more people would know about it or come to it
  • KP: We need more awareness and more vendors about online
  • KP: I think Daniel Goldstein was great
  • KP: I thought the Microsoft guy was good, not as much future looking
  • GD: I really need to know more how

Webinar Series
  • JG: Sub group: KP, CB, CD, GD to organize the group
  • GV: Registration process, will there limits
  • GV: Registration process capabilities?
  • GV: Realtime captioning
  • JG: We need to have the sub group work on these issues
  • HR: Type of webinars like EASI
  • HR: We could work with Norm and EASI
  • KP: We are trying to get local people to present
  • ACTION: JG and HR talk with Norm on how this would EASI
  • ACTION: KP organize a sub group meeting
  • JG: Sub group could meet in the next few weeks
  • ACTION: JG and HR talk to CIC IT Accessibility group about participation
  • Potential Topics:
    • PDF accessibility for Microsoft Office
    • Mobile accessibility (IOS and Android)
    • Best practices, what people are doing and how they got there
    • E-Text accessibility: Creating
    • Testing resources with Assistive Technologies
    • How to create Policy

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, July 12th at 9:00am