IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Webinar Series
  • Update from webinar sub group
  • Update with collaboration from EASI
  • Update from
  • Tentative schedule
  • Logistics of registration and webinar delivery technology

2. Slate Conference in October

3. Other Issues


  • Jon Gunderson – UIUC
  • Susie Saputo – IL Dept Human Serv
  • Jeff Newell – IL Comm Coll Brd
  • Jason Johnson – Attorney Gen Ofc
  • Nicky Baiser – Attorney Gen Ofc
  • Christy Blew – UIUC
  • Jeff Newell – ICCB
  • Jay Greybeck – EIU
  • Giovanni Duarte – DeVry
  • Chris Dobson – Harper
  • Nanette – Heartland
  • Kevin Price – UIC

  • JG – Slate Conference? Anyone attending or submitting a proposal?
  • JG – How many ever been?
  • CB- What is Slate Conference?
  • JG – Usually held at University of Chicago business school, focuses on technology for learning. Hadi, Jon, Chris Dobson have talked about accessibility issues there in past.
  • CD – Hadi talked about submitting proposal on his UD class. Noted I would be willing to help put together proposal or help out.
  • JG – have some stuff for a booth. Might be good to promote webinar series
  • CD – KP was looking to do some collaboration for webinar with great lakes. Maybe they can archive them
  • JG – we do have space at Athen pro to link some sessions
  • GD – recordings could be converted to different formats
  • JG – just want to make sure all involved know the plan
  • GD – Elluminate lets you convert to many formats including .wmv, .avi
  • JG – want to keep captioning in mind
  • JG – let s move onto webinar series
  • CD – group met to work on talk about technologies that may work with series. Sent out outline with ideas for series. Did session on UD for education that can be modified for this audience.
  • CD – Proposed agenda being intro to UD, then a session on Microsoft accessibility, Lecshare for PPT which allows for several export features, IITAA introduction, MathML, PDF, SoftChalk, Captivate
  • CD – Thought could highlight some areas that allow you to produce accessible materials. How easy it is to do captioning, etc.
  • CD – About 8 session to offer. Focus it toward developers and faculty that would want to use these tools
  • JG – what are the issues moving forward, what are the next steps?
  • CD- what to use for delivery. KP was going to talk to someone at Great Lakes
  • KP – yes, they are very very interested in helping out.
  • CD – one of other things we wanted to touch on was alt formats and testing with assistive technology, but looking for someone to present on that.
  • JG – using testing accommodations?
  • CD – or testing materials with assistive technologies
  • CD – HR has asked that use of his Elluminate room be a last resort. We have a 30 person cap room here
  • JG – we can get a 50 cap room here at EIU for a low price
  • CD – some of the reporting webinars we did capped out at 30
  • JG – Jeff Newell, any resources there for webinars?
  • JN – they have Wimba, but they are looking at changing. The college does have Elluminate with about 25-30 seats
  • GD – I have an adobe room for up to 100 users
  • JG – version 8? Would need to do some testing, supposed to be more accessible for speech users.
  • CD – thinking about offering around second week of September to let faculty and others to get settled in and then offer monthly
  • JG – next need schedule and nail down delivery method
  • CD – Hadi feels Elluminate in current version has come long way in being accessible
  • JG – if we can use Elluminate, would be good. Maybe Hadi can test captivate since it would offer more seats.
  • ACTION >> coordinate with Hadi to test captivate system
  • CD – application sharing is a question in regards to accessibility. Have done with along with real time captioning. Captioner had a little difficulty following but it was done
  • JG – important to use audio descriptions. Note all things you are doing. Not “I’m clicking her, clicking here” etc, but “clicking on this menu, which brings up this menu”
  • JG – Hadi was interested in connect 8.
  • ACTION >> Kevin to follow up with great lakes ADA
  • JG – by next month’s meeting have some dates, method of delivery, captioning (maybe great lakes can offer)– after or real time
  • JG – sounds like need to meet next month although generally we take month off.
  • CD – maybe those who are able can meet
  • JG – Can CD chair meeting?
  • CD – sure, First Tuesday of August at 9 am
  • JJ – interested in IITAA and thinking this is a good group to get involved in
  • CD – one of the webinars is going to be IITAA focused. Hopefully to help those just getting started with IITAA can more information and documentation
  • JG – also have some new tools coming out this next year.
  • JG – Hoping more will be interested in Slate conference. Looking forward to learn more on some of these tools like Soft Chalk
  • CD – Good tool, similar to a word processor
  • JG – Next meeting to be August 2nd.