IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Webinar Series
  • Update from webinar sub group
  • Schedule
  • Data collection

2. Other training opportunities

3. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo

4. Other Issues


Update On Webinar Series
  • CD: Giovanni did a webinar on MathML
  • GD: I have not received feedback
  • CD: Janet maybe able to get feedback
  • CD: CB is this week for PDF accessibility
  • CB: I am expecting a pretty good turn out
  • CD: We have had good attendance, and the archives are available
  • CD: I will check with Janet on the data collection
  • CD: I will be speaking at the Digital Accessibility Expo on accessibility resources and I will include this webinar
  • GD: Is there any data on how many people use the archive?
  • CD: I will check with Janet
  • CD: I have not seen anything on what people want in the future
  • JG: We have webinar through May
  • CB: We talked about reevaluating the webinar series in May
  • CD: I will be doing one on SoftChalk and GD on Adobe Captivate
  • CD: Flash is dying and so people are interested HTML5
  • CD: There are a number of tools that will generate HTML5
  • CD: We need to look at these tools for accessibility
  • GD: I will talking about HTML 5 accessibility

Other training opportunities
  • JG: Hadi has a online course coming up
  • HR: Sessions at Educause LMS accessibility and Google Apps
  • HR: If you go to different sessions at Educause, ask about accessibility
  • CD: There are a number of publishers trying to connect to LMS
  • CD: Video extension to Blackboard to include video in assignments
  • HR: Lots of talks about lecture capture
  • JG: JN do people go to Educause conference?
  • JN: Some go and use Educuase materials
  • JG: Any presetations?

UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • KP: We are still taking registrations online
  • KP: Please get the word out about the conference
  • KP: We are finishing up a poster for the event that I will make it available to the group
  • KP: We are looking for people to do poster sessions
  • KP: Any questions?
  • KP: IBHE is helping to sponsor the event, one of the executive director

Other Issues
  • CD: At point WIU was putting together a website
  • JG: That died when IBHE cut the grant
  • CD: What about outreach to administration or purchasing
  • JG: I will put it on the agenda for next month