IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Webinar Series
  • Update from webinar sub group
  • Schedule
  • Data collection

2. Other training opportunities

3. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo

4. Other Issues


1. Webinar Series
  • Update from webinar sub group
    • CB: Last month was the PDF accessibility (60+ came and 100 were registered)
    • CB: Talked to Janet Peters about following up with people registration
    • GD: Next month is CD with Soft Chalk
  • Schedule
    • JG: What does the group think about the summer?
    • CB: We have not discussed continuing in the summer
    • JG: CB can you get a sub group meeting together?
    • CB: Sure
    • CD: I am compiling results of evaluations of the webinars
    • CD: GLBTC has a series this summer this summer, I will send information to the list
    • JG: Can you get all the evaluations?
    • CD: I have asked Janet, plus analytics on usage
    • GD: They have some information
    • JG: A one or two page summary would be great to send to people on the list and to IBHE
    • CB: I brought up one of the archives, it does not give names, but it does provide numbers
    • CD: How do I learn more, what are some other resources
    • JG: Thank you everyone working on this projects
    • CD: People asked about accessible social media

2. Other training opportunities
  • CD: EASI webinars
  • GD: There is something coming from Educause
  • GD: There is another one on online education
  • CD: I attended a soft chalk presentation and they have a repository of learning objects
  • CD: There was a learning module for accessibility for instructor
  • JG: Can you send the link to the list
  • CD: It was part a compliance series for faculty and evaluation of teaching

3. UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • KP: Dr. Reed will be opening the EXPO, he is an IBHE board member
  • KP: I would like some one to man a booth
  • CD: I will try to put together some handouts
  • JG: I have a some signage
  • CD: Will there some exhibit hall time?
  • PK: There will be some time
  • CD: I will man it during the exhibit hall time
  • PK: Please spread the word about registration

4. Other Issues
  • CD: At some point we need to get back to some time address administration
  • CD: I will talk to Scott Freideman about procurement