IBHE Web Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


  1. Web Accessibility Conference at UIC (15 minutes)
    • Update from Kevin Price
  2. Web Best Practices Update (5 minutes)
  3. Adobe PDF Accessibility CommonLook Program (5 minutes)
    • Feedback from users
    • Any one interested in participation
  4. Training (5 minutes)
    • Training needs
    • Training announcements
  5. Other Issues (5 minutes)


UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • KP: Updated the schedule and fill session
  • KP: Please help publicize the conference
  • KP: City of Chicago presentation on their plans for web accessibility
  • KP: Terry Thompson on multimedia accessibility
  • KP: Panel session on IITAA implementation
  • KP: Christopher Smith will be presenting on CSS, keynote and HTML 5 accessibility at lunch time
  • KP: Apple computing will be doing a presentation
  • KP: Mike Scott about web accessibility
  • KP: Shawn Henry of the W3C will be doing a presentation
  • KP: Recently updated information
  • Link to UIC conference
  • KP: Questions?
  • HR: Registration fees:
  • KP: $50 can you use credit card through 4/12
  • HR: Speakers need to register?
  • KP: Speakers do not need to register
  • HR: The exhibit hall times?
  • KP: The exhibit hall has unobstructed time from 1:15-2:00pm, it will be open at other times
  • JG: Could we have a booth for the the IBHE Web Accessibility Consortium
  • KP: That is a good idea, I will get back to you?
  • KP: Registration is a little low, but we are doing more advertising, please promote

Web Accessibility Best Practices
  • JG: PDF Accessibility

NetCentric CommonLook License
  • JG: Is anyone interested in extending the license for their campus
  • JG: Anyone used the license
  • MS: Katie Whitelaw at NIU used it
  • MS: Not a lot of people are looking at PDF accessibility
  • MS: Maybe the best practices group can increase visibility

  • HR: I offering an online workshop on accessibility 3 days live, I will send an announcement
  • JG: Anyone looking for training?
  • HR: Accessible Flash
  • KP: Accessible Flash would be great
  • MS: It is a big topic, 3 areas: Video, Flash Animations, and Flash Applications
  • HR: I would like to become more familiar, authoring tools are not accessible
  • MS: Overview or in depth
  • HR: When dealing with developers you need more specific information
  • MT: DHS offered training on web accessibility, it was grate opportunity, does DHS offer this type of training
  • MS: It was my team that did the training, we are hoping to get a contract for next year to do similar things. The training could also be announced more widely. We will let people know.
  • JG: Do you do Flash training now?
  • MS: We do an overview, and do some, but it was not a priority, is probably next
  • MS: Part of it is the issue is complex

Other issues
  • KP: What about FAE customized reports
  • JG: The ITAccess group sets the priorities for FAE development, I think we need to bring it up with Nick Hoyt
  • HR: Elluminate group is working with Elluminate to improve accessibility
  • JG: How many people here does their campus use Elluminate?
  • EIU: Yes
  • UIC: don’t know
  • Harper: yes
  • DHS: Yes
  • KP: A couple people from Blackboard will be at the UIC conference, they were going to be part of the collaboration session
  • MT: I want to thank everyone for sending in their IBHE web accessibility reports using the new template
  • OJ: I just want support UIC Expo and let people know this is an IBHE supported event

Next Teleconferences
  • May 5th at 9:00am Central Time
  • June 2nd at 9:00am Central Time