Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group Overview

About Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group

Moodle is a powerful application used in many countries and by many educational systems and business entities around the world.

To improve the accessibility/usability of this learning management system, we have established this collaboration group to work together with developers, administrators, IT professionals, and other interested people in the Moodle community.

The most recent meeting for the group was Monday, April 8th at 14:00 UTC. Sander Bangma at Moodle HQ will announce the date for the May meeting soon. You can use this link to join our Zoom web conferencing meetings: https://moodle.zoom.us/j/888782652

To view recordings of previous meetings, open the Teleconferences menu for this website.

We welcome anyone who is interested in improving the accessibility of Moodle to join this group. You don’t need to be a technical guru or an accessibility expert to join. However, it is expected that you are familiar with the basics of accessibility and are willing to dedicate a few hours each month to this collaboration effort.

Meeting Connection info:

Zoom: https://moodle.zoom.us/j/888782652

Please make sure you have a good working microphone.

If you have have agenda items you would like to discuss, please email them to the list.

How to become a member

Membership requires the following two simple steps:

  1. Join the Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group

  2. Subscribe to the Moodle Accessibility Mailing List

Becoming a Member of this Group

Because all of the proprietary information will be posted to the Moodle Accessibility Collaboration website, you need to register with our collaboration application and join the Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group.

Please register (if you haven’t registered yet) and join Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group.

If you are a member of any of our collaboration groups, then you do not need to re-register again. Simply click on Subscribe link in the main navigation bar.

Mailing List Subscription

We use a mailing list to send announcements, meeting agenda/minutes, and discuss issues. Mailing List Archive

To subscribe to the mailing list, go to the mailing list subscription page. Mailing List Subscription Page

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  1. Moodle Forums Accessibility Issues, kedgar, Mon 31 Dec 2018

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