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Assigned ToKim Edgar
Date Assigned2018-06-05
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Moodlerooms’ Maintenance Pack 2 issues


Closing this action item as it relates to Advanced Forum

Case #03141832 – Switching text editors mid-reply
(MR3.4 expected in Production 12 July 2018)
n the Advanced forum, reply text is lost if a user starts typing a reply in the default text field, then decides to use the advanced editor to add other content to their reply. This is very frustrating for users who aren’t anticipating this and completely lose all the text they had originally typed (especially frustrating for students with cognitive, print, and motor disabilities). This problem was resolved once before by Moodlerooms, but re-appeared again with the last Maintenance Pack 2. This UX problems occurs on both the UM site and the Accessibility MOOC site.

Case #03126507 – Colors of Hyperlinks
(MR 3.4 MP1 expected in Production 16 August 2018)
The color of links changed. For UM, the all links are now black and the same color as paragraph text; this has made it difficult for faculty and students to identify hyperlinks in the course content and impacted readability. The link color in the breadcrumb trail is also black now. Given the various types of banner images that courses contain, the breadcrumb trail is no longer visible/readable, due to lack of color contrast. Here’s one example:

Case #03141822 – Change course image button
(MR 3.4 MP1 expected in Production 16 August 2018)
The “Change cover image” text now is largely hidden behind the Contents area and has poor readability.

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