Moodle Accessibility Collaboration Group: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


  1. MDL-36082 – User cannot add necessary accessibility attributes to make the default video player accessible. Ticket discusses ability to add the following to video in Moodle
    1. Time-based media alternatives
    2. Transcripts
    3. Captions
    4. Audio Description
    5. At present our understanding is that captions and AD are supported. Jason requests additional information added to ticket.
  2. MDL-58327 Atto media plugin help needs improving
    1. Originally opened as MDL-58327 – No documentation for captioning and AD functionality
    2. Ticket renamed by Helen Foster with intent to improve help text throughout updated media plugin
    3. Marina stated that Help text identifying supported file types was in the Subtitles help text.
    4. File picker errors and file upload does not indicate supported format
    5. Discuss support of .VTT for captions/AD only.
  3. MDL-58248 – “Trigram for heaven” needs descriptive label
    1. Issue resolved. Control now reads as “Side panel button”
    2. Available in Moodle 3.2.4 and 3.3.1
    3. Expand/collapse state of control does not seem to be consistently announced. Necessary?
  4. MDL-58889 – Accessibility Problems with Boost Theme for 3.2: section titles and course title links
    1. Course links on Boost dashboard do not meet color contrast
    2. Ticket indicates fixed as of August 2017
    3. Fix version only lists Moodle 3.4 – needs tested in 3.2.4 and 3.3.1.
    4. Request backport?
  5. MDL-59493 – Chemistry content not being correctly read by screen readers
    1. Ticket created in July
    2. No activity through August
    3. Marlene contacted Damyean to bring attention to ticket
    4. Damyean suggested contacting plugin developer directly
    5. Contacted Roland 3 weeks ago with no response
    6. Ideas for next steps?
  6. Seperate tickets for forum accessibility issues
  7. New items?


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