(Inactive) Qualtrics Accessibility Interest Group Documentation


This group is no longer active. If you are interested to contribute and lead this group please drop me a note at hadi@illinois.edu.

The Qualtrics Survey Tool – – now has seven (7) questions types that are usable by screen readers (JAWS and maybe WindowEyes, but we have not confirmed). Survey developers have asked that when they are building a survey, that these questions be identified for this when they are designing their survey (perhaps a wheelchair icon that is a link which will then explain what 'accessible’ means. In this case – usable with JAWS (some versions, with some OS and browser versions:

Also needed is a link that clarifies 'optimized’ – which will explain to users which screen reader, OS, and browser the survey is optimized for, similar to recommended browser links.

Currently, the optimized questions are:
1. Mulitple Choice
2. Text Entry
3. Rank Order – except Drag and Drop
4. Constant Sum – except slider
5. Matrix – except Bipolar
6. Drill Down
7. Side by Side
8. Descriptive Blocks (or text descriptive blocks)

To gather data on usability/accessibility of the above question sets, please take a brief survey (and encourage any who use assistive technology – not just screen readers to also take the survey), at:


Here is the link to the “Accessible” question types within Qualtrics: