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This is group to develop best practices for web site development using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Adobe PDF.

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Open Action Items (9)

  1. Check on data table examples, jongund, Tue 30 Jun 2009
  2. Add rule and examples for navigation and main roles, extra credit rules, jongund, Sat 05 Dec 2009
  3. Best practices for using CSS for layout, timo, Sat 05 Dec 2009
  4. Check on DTD for ARIA in HTML 4 and XHTML , jongund, Sun 20 Dec 2009
  5. Update link example "ambigious link text", jongund, Sun 24 Jan 2010
  6. Accessible Toolip Example, Robert, Sun 24 Jan 2010
  7. Create test page for navigation role using a list, hadi, Sun 28 Mar 2010
  8. Remove beta rule set from Firefox Extension, jongund, Sun 28 Mar 2010
  9. Ask JW to send questions on mobile web accessibility, hadi, Sun 06 Feb 2011

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