(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Form rule changes

2. Section 508 Refresh
  • Review access board questions

Question 1

The Board developed the draft using the organizational approach recommended by the Committee in which the provisions are organized primarily by the features or capabilities of a product, instead of discrete product types. The Board seeks comments on the usability and effectiveness of this approach, as well as alternative organizational approaches.

Question 4

The Board seeks feedback on the overall organization of the draft, especially how aspects of technology are addressed by the chapter organization. For example, should software (Chapter 4) and electronic documents (Chapter 5) be combined? Or, should all requirements for audio output, including conversation functionality and status indicator sounds (Chapter 8), be combined with text messaging capability (Chapter 9) into one chapter?

Question 7

The Board seeks comment on this approach to harmonization with WCAG 2.0 including suggestions for alternative approaches to achieving harmonization, and comments on the benefits and costs associated with the Board's approach.

Other Issues
  • Please send other issues tot he listserv you wish to discuss


Form Control Rules Updates
  • New rules can be found at: http://devserv.dres.uiuc.edu/ita/jongund/citaweb/bestpractices/html/nav/form/form-rules.php
  • NH: ALT text content for images is tested in rule 2, the content of title attribute and value attribute is tested in rules 1, 2 3
  • JG: Can buttons not have content?
  • MS: The issue is JAWS compatibility
  • MS: Buttons must have content
  • JG: If they don’t have content no one can use them
  • JG: My guess is that these are buttons waiting for a purpose with scripting
  • MS: Buttons should have content
  • NH: For H1 content
  • MS: Images for labels
  • MS: Anywhere we talk about text content we chould include ALT text form images
  • NH: We need to be explicit when ALT text can be used as part of content
  • NH: With H1 we give a warning about being the only content
  • JG: If an image is the only content in a label, button or legend
  • MS: the rationale is for resizing and colors, so the same logic applies
  • MS: The goes back to the advisory in section 508 to use text when it is text
  • MS: I can’t think of a good reason for an image to be the only content of a label
  • MS: In the case of a button, sometimes people use “>” and “<” for forward and back, we recommend using an image, so there is really no difference with input[type=image”]
  • JG: For button it is OK
  • MS: No I think we have a reasonable case for not using image, for being a warning
  • JG: So any use of input type image would be a warning
  • MS: right
  • JG: How does that sound to people
  • NH: We use default values in submit and reset do those resize?
  • MS: Yes with the use of the CSS property set
  • NH: That would be the typical case, would be use input button, submit

Section 508 refresh
  • JG: Who was there
  • TO: yes
  • HR: yes
  • MS and MR: Yes
  • JG: Yes
  • HR: It helped me know how they think
  • HR: I think it is difficult for developers to follow
  • MR: It was not what I expected, I was hoping for more answering
  • MR: I thought your question was interesting
  • MR: How does it apply to us
  • MR: It seems we can make up the techniques for passing WCAG 2.0
  • MR: Our efforts are to develop techniques to comply with WCAG 2.0
  • JG: I sent something related to the best practices
  • TO: I saw authoring tools in forms
  • NH: I thought it was embedded content editor
  • MS: Making confusing or making it clearer
  • MS: The intentional general nature, even if they reorganize they will still techniques
  • NH: I think we should propose it
  • MS: If there intent is to harmonize with WCAG 2.0, why not have a WCAG 2.0 section and another section
  • HR: They have a template they want to follow, web and not web based
  • MS: We were looking specifically at section 4 and 5, merge them and get something pretty close to WCAG 2.0
  • MS: One section for hardware and one for software/web
  • JG: What do people think about merging
  • JG: Do we want to unified message or individuals
  • JS: I think we can send in two different suggestions
  • HR: I am for more unified comments
  • HR: It will have more weight
  • MS: We can send in unified and individual comments
  • MS: Vote early and vote often
  • MS: What would the new chapter
  • MS: Color contrast can apply on screen on keyboards and form controls
  • MS: Separation of physical controls
  • JG: They could have redundancy of things like color
  • MS: It could be different techniques
  • MS: We are going through going through 4 and 5
  • MS: We will send a draft by next week