(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Form rule changes

2. Section 508 Refresh
  • Review access board questions

Other Issues
  • Please send other issues tot he listserv you wish to discuss


Modification of Form Control Rules
  • MS: Images used for a button, button element on W3C site
  • MS: I saw it on Bing, they use something similar
  • NH: When I looked at the rule that could be text and but is image
  • NH: I think rule makes sense when the element could contain images
  • NH: It seems we would be discouraged
  • JG: I agree
  • MS: Does this change for headings
  • JG: I can’s see a icon in a heading, it should be text
  • MS: It is a warning, MM example
  • MS: I don’t think it is a critical issue

Section 508 recommendations
  • MS: We did print 4 and 5 but we will be looking at it
  • MS: We may not be able to host teleconference 30 June
  • MS: Melissa will be tied with training most of this month
  • JG: Reorganization I think is needed and we need something for next week
  • MS: Some duplication of stuff, what do we do with section 3
  • JG: It is disturbing that heading are not required, yet nothing is normative about techniques
  • MS: We are concerned about the practical implementation
  • MS: If the success criteria is normative, then there are techniques associated
  • MS: I am still trying to figure out
  • JG: I am concerned about the lack of heading requirement
  • JG: I think I will send in a comment on developing sufficient techniques
  • MS: We wanted with IITAA demonstrate usability with people with disabilities
  • MS: Most people just looked at the IITAA requirements, not the functional requirements
  • MS: In Section 508 it was not clear on functional criteria and other standards
  • NH: This group could provide sufficient standards, I think we should recommend
  • HR: I am not sure how to make a clear recommendation