(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Form rule changes

2. Section 508 Refresh
  • Review access board questions
  • Review proposal from Mike Scott and Melissa Romanotto

Other Issues
  • Please send other issues to the listserv you wish to discuss


Form Controls
  • NH: I sent a proposal to the list
  • MS: H2 in a fieldset will act as a legend for JAWS
  • MS: I am not sure NVDA does this
  • People reading proposal
  • MS: 3b there are differences difference version of jaws on what attributes are used
  • MS: JAWS can also be configured to different things
  • MS: The default option is use screen text, but TITLE can also be used
  • HR: Value is the default is screen text
  • MS: That can be undesirable when screen text is the same on many buttons
  • MS: The problem is distinguishing between, but now we could use the button element
  • HR: I personally like the default setting, since it is easier to talk to sighted people
  • MS: We have problems like having an Edit button, if there are more than one area we want to differentiate them
  • MS: Sometimes title contains advisory information, so it is not useful
  • HR: user can switch on the fly
  • NH: What an effective label is, separate out form the effective label than the primary label
  • MS: I think it is accurate, there are some weird behavior, but we probably don’t need to worry about
  • JG: Does this seem to work for people?
  • MS: Is this suppose to be technical?
  • NH: The introduction may need to be someone else
  • MS: I think it is good for a technical person, but not a lay person
  • JG: This is in the rules, so technical people
  • NH: It is more readable if the element and attribute names are formatted differently
  • JG: I will make the changes

Section 508 Refresh Comments
  • MS: We have been training all week, so we ccan try for next week.
  • JG: Does that give us enough time?
  • MS: It gives us 3 or 4 days
  • MS: Move some of the chapters back together, breaking up the chapters seemed to be confusing (4 and 5)
  • MS: We will review the comments and send a proposal by next week

H3. Other Topics