(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Form rule changes

2. Section 508 Refresh
  • Review access board questions
  • Review proposal from Mike Scott and Melissa Romanotto

3. Section 508 Refresh Discussion Website

4. Other Issues
  • Please send other issues to the listserv you wish to discuss


Effective label rules
  • MS: In the definitions in of the label
  • MS: Encapsulation is not as much a problem as it use to be, but newer assistive technology does not seem to have the problem
  • JG: So textarea is ok?
  • MS: I have not tested, the main problems with input[type=“text”] and select elements
  • NH: I will send some suggested edits

Section 508 refresh comments
  • HR: I had similar comments as MS
  • MS: I worked on it yesterday
  • MS: I forgot about their question 4, I see they were asking the question
  • MS: I think that the current separation may make it more difficult for authors to see relevant requirements
  • MS: Not many comments have been submitted
  • HR: 508 and 255 should be combined, the devices seem similar that need to be implemented
  • HR: I wrote some specs for TO for behavior, like mechanical buttons, like volume control, headphone jack
  • HR: I suggest a radical merger of 255 and 508
  • MS: I think it could be colapsed quite a bit
  • JG: 255 devices and 508 have different implementation requirements
  • HR: A multifunction device has both software and hardware components
  • JG: Does someone what to modify the proposal
  • HR: I don’t think it is mature enough to put on paper
  • MS: We can do both
  • JG: Any objections to submitting the proposal on behalf of the group
  • JG: I was wondering if we seem to have a techniques group to define success for different technologies
  • MS: You have to meet the success criteria that you need choices for people to choose one
  • MS: How do you allow pick one of N approaches
  • MS: We can do that in Illinois
  • JG: There will be open ajax alliance will be group
  • HR: I am not sure the document is stable with
  • NH: My thoughts are that designs leave some stuff out and let other companies carry it out, technology is always changing, outside parties might do better
  • MS: In the beginning of each of the section, the comments seem out of place
  • MS: There seems to be confusion as a numbered statement, when a paragraph will do, why do they use the numbers, this is confusing, use a different numbering scheme.
  • NH: They seem to mirror each sub section
  • MS: Numbering it equally with requirements is confusing
  • MS: The trace center had suggestions for making the numbering better
  • HR: Input and output devices should be merged
  • MS: I did not look at these in detail, the division between hardware and software seems to mirror the different groups that usually do this
  • ACTION: JG ad MS to send our comments in the refresh group, people can send in their me to to the comment

Section 508 Discussion
  • JG: Not sure how we can use this resource, but wanted to make people aware of the resource

Next week topics
  • JG: Should we continue with PDF?
  • NH: CIC people talked about PDF accessibility
  • JG: I think we need to get our collective knowledge
  • JG: We need have an ideal and then look at how people actually create
  • MS: We are doing a lot of work on Flex accessibility
  • JG: Are there some best practices
  • MS: We have some test cases
  • MS: Flex is web application and web forms tool
  • MS: This is something we may want to do after PDF accessibility
  • MS: More of their stuff is using Flex
  • NH: They have a fireworks tool
  • MS: Flex builder is now Flash builder, very powerful tool
  • MS: I will send the link to the group