(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. New Issues

2. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


Section 508 Comments
  • MS: I seconded the comment
  • JS: I saw MS comment, many similar to ours, but they also said to be more author specific
  • JS: There were late comments from IBM, Adobe

Other Issues?
  • None

PDF Accessibility
  • NZ: The 7 categories seem good for now
  • MS: We do not want scanned text, glyph is not a common term I have used
  • MS: The characters are important, I don’t know how we would check for glyphs
  • JS: If you can select text, is that a way
  • MS: The adobe reader quick check will report not using fonts
  • MS: In acrobat there would be the content panel
  • MS: IN reader would also have a check
  • MS: Rule 1 and 2 into single rule on text content rule
  • JG: I was going to suggest that too
  • MS: I will try to pull up an example
  • MS: A quick check on a scanned image a Reader says it maybe a scanned image, acrobat says it contains no font
  • ACTION: To combine rule 1 and 2 into all text represented as fonts
  • MS: We have some techniques to test that
  • NZ: In IITAA it says use text for text and if text is an image than use ALT text
  • MS: Right that is what says in IITAA and that wording might work for new rule
  • MS: How we might do the testing:
1. Text content 2. Tagging is the next thing 3. Reading order is next
  • NH: Text content, reading order
  • MS: A naming thing to make things clear
  • ACTION: Change “reading order” to “Text Content”
  • JG: Does text content and reading order should be in the same section?
  • MS: If the text content in not in the right reading order, but the tagging is in the right reading order
  • MZ: I do not know of an example
  • MS: MR had a brochure once
  • JG: Need to separate sections for reading order and text content
  • JG: text needs to be represented as fonts or alt text for image tags
  • JS: Do we need to deal with headers and footers?? What does screen reader do.
  • HR: I have not heard of any tags for header or footers
  • MS: We usually mark them as artifacts, we would put it on the first page
  • JS: Something you do in the conversion process, Word->PDF
  • MS: In Office they are excluded
  • NK: Thats right it makes them artifacts, you would need to edit the tags if you want them visible
  • JG: Keep that in mind for rules related to headers and footers
  • MS: There might be some exceptions to the text rules
  • JG: Might be a second rule under text content
  • NH: For rule 3 change “characters” with “text”
  • MS: The order of the text content must match the visual order of the content presented on the graphical rendering (new reading order section)
  • MS: Match the reading order of sighted users (logical reading order of the visual rendering)
  • JE: We have foot notes, you will have super scripts and references on the bottom of the page
  • MS: I think the footnote should be a link to the reference
  • NH: the content rules, all the text content of the rules, another way to look at it as text content and graphical content, you also need to do this
  • MS: All the content of the document must be represented as actual text or images, need to think about wording
  • HR: One think that is annoying, when you convert a document as artifacts as numbers, I don’t know how they are created, are people aware of the problem?
  • MS: The PDF document randomly has numbers?
  • MS: I have seen it as an OCR document
  • HR: The numbers are the order of the sections??
  • MS: Please send it to the list
* h3. Tagging
  • JG: Does reserving the H1 tag make sense
  • MS: These mirror our best practices, Blockquote is the only other thing AT will also use
  • JS: Does caption have a meaning?
  • MS: There are many tags that AT does not do anything with, caption is usually for a figure, not a table
  • JS: How do you know where it goes?
  • JG: Is links a separate best practice document?
  • HR: Yes
  • MS: Links are complicated and hard to do
  • JG: We already have one best practice of using links for footnotes
  • ACTION JG: Create a new best links
  • NH: Are there accessibility issues related to pagination?
  • MS: It seems to be pretty automatic, it gets confusing when you have physical page numbers, but there maybe a logical pagination of section references
  • HR: Annotation??
  • NH: Side notes
  • MS: Writing a sticky note (comment and markup)
  • NK: We would have to do testing, we would have to do testing

Next Week
  • Talk about setting up evaluation techniques