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2. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


PDF Accessibility
  • CB: did someone look the links I sent on PDF?
  • CB: It there is a rule for bookmarks should point to headings
  • CB: Should book marks be visible when the document opens
  • JG: The author gets to choose
  • CD: If you are using MS Word to create bookmarks from headings, it creates a PDF with the bookmarks pane available, but if you are using Acrobat you need to do something different
  • JG: Is reflow important?
  • MS: It is but there are a number of technical issues, so it might be difficult to do, except for forms (interactive annotations) Adobe will warn you
  • MS: Static images in Word 2007 breaks reflow when images are used
  • MS: From a technical standpoint reflow, the reflow (physical view, content layer and tag layer) is base on content layer and so it must be in order
  • MS: Adobe PDF accessibility means getting synched up to the physical, content and tag layers
  • CB: A reflow rule should be the document stays sync
  • MS: The content layer must represent …
  • MS: The rule under text content will address reflow and make reflow work
  • MS: Usabilty.gov is based on the size of the document to have bookmarks (9 pages)
  • MS: We need to define are book marks useful or not useful
  • MS: We may not want to have ever single headings
  • CD: On one of those refresh detroit it has two kinds of best practices where you add the book marks and then in the initial view shows the book marks panel
  • CD: Some options can only be done with Acrobat Pro
  • JG: We want to use the best practices to tell developers what should they have in their tools
  • CD: Section on default document properties
  • JG: Do you want to propose some rules
  • CD: I will propose a set of rules
  • CD: Acrobat version 9 can put Flash and Acrobat together
  • JG: We may need a best practices for embedded objects
  • MS: Thats what killed the PDF accessibility group
  • MS: If we don’t have a best practices don’t use it