(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. New Issues

2. Conference Call Schedule

3. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


Conference Call Schedule
  • Next call on 28 July 2010

PDF Accessibility Best Practices
  • http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/
  • Review updated organization and rules
  • Review PDF evaluation proceedures
  • Assign people to update sections of the best practices
  • JG: Does layer make sense
  • MS: The graphical layer is often called the physical layer
  • MS: The next layer is the referred to as the content layer, we could call it the “text content layer”
  • MS: The last is the tag layer
  • MS: Does this make sense?
  • HR: I think the graphical layer makes more sense to me
  • MS: I don’t see the “graphical” layer referred to in other documents, it is usually referred to as “physical” view/layer
  • NK: Physical is what is used, graphical seems more descriptive
  • JG: I think we should call it the physical view if that is what others call it
  • JG: I updated the rule
  • edited the definitions for physical, content and text view
  • HR: How do you edit the reading order in commonlook
  • MS: In commonlook the content and tags view are modified at the same toime
  • HR: I am not comfortable with the content layer
  • JG: What do you think it should be?
  • HR: I am not sure, it does contain technical information to me
  • JG: I just got the UA docuemnt I will check to see what they use
  • CD: Will there going to be a section on document properties
  • JG: There can be
  • CD: It includes:
    • Tile
    • Language
    • Keywords
    • Other META data
    • Bookmarks are open or not
  • MS: Only language and title make a difference for accessibility
  • CB: You can set whether bookmarks bar will be open or not
  • MS: There is also another setting is a page properties, use document order
  • MS: Create a Properties category
  • MS: Tab order, you want document structure, you can override the tags view for reading order
  • MS: Another category, security, some securtiy setting block accessibility
  • CD: Security is in document properties
  • CD: I will draft a over section and a set of rules
  • Updated rule for linearization of the content view
  • MS: Not sure if the title property has any impact on accessibility
  • HR: Can you have hidden headings?
  • MS: There maybe some techniques I will need to do some testing
  • ACTION JG: Update rules into auto and manual testing
  • JG: I will update the tags rules

Other Issues
  • HR: I sent a PDF document that Crashes when I open it
  • MS: It is not tagged and is a complex map and the auto tagging is probably overwhelming the system