(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Discussion of IITAA Review Process
  • Section 508 versus current IITAA format
  • Hamonization with new Section 508

2. PDF Accessibility Best Practices

3. New Issues


Discussion of IITAA Review Process
  • Section 508 versus current IITAA format
  • Hamonization with new Section 508
  • MS: Kick off meeting last thrusday
  • MS: Big challenge is WCAG 2.0/Section 508 refresh harmonization
  • MS: There is a web form to submit comments on harmonization
  • MS: By the end of next moth we would like to have some consensus on harmonization
  • MS: Questions or comments
  • CD: I sent a question out
  • CD: Are any institutions adopting web standards curriculum?
  • MS: I am not in that loop
  • JG: Jeff Newel would probably know about it
  • CD: There are some people in CC participating in it and it does have an accessibility course
  • CD: When I went to school there was no accessibility training
  • JG: That would be something to bring up at the IBHE coordination
  • NH: I have a comment
  • NH: The harmonization question, what are the options, to what do we harmonize, with principles
  • NH: What are the options
  • MS: I think the strongest case is the federal standards
  • MS: Are the requirements and techniques testable
  • MS: The idea is that sufficient techniques are how you meet the success criteria
  • MS: From a practical standpoint, we have the implementation requirements
  • MS: People can make up their own techniques to meet success criteria
  • MS: As the comments come in we will be adding to the web sites
  • MS: Our plan is to watch the comments
  • MS: We would like to make a recommendation on harmonization by end of September
  • JG: Do you want some time each week?
  • MS: Yes

Non-PDF Issues
  • JG: ANy non-PDF issue
  • JG: None

PDF Accessibility Best Practices
  • JG: Rule 1: Pass/Fail
  • CD: Can that be programatically tested?
  • NZ: Yes, adobe quick check does that
  • JG: Rule 2: manual test
  • JG: Is this good as one rule?
  • NH: I am not sure about the term artifact, should it be in a definition list
  • MS: It is the equivalent of tag, in most interfaces
  • JG: Is there a definition?
  • CD: The definition from Adobe: “A page element that is not an intrinsic part of a document, examples …”
  • JG: COuld you send that to the list?
  • CD: Yes
  • JG: Rule 3 Title property
  • JG: Describing the rule
  • NZ: Do we need something separate for checking the filename
  • MS: Maybe it should be what is in the title bar
  • JG: I am concerned about a tool specific requirements
  • MS: We talk about what is in the title bar
  • JG: We don’t care about TITLE?
  • MS: It is one way
  • CD: There are some tools that support the TITLE
  • JG: I think TITLE should be the preferred technique, filename is not as good
  • MS: The TITLE is probably better, since filename is not as obvious
  • JG: If we know what we want we can work with companies to implement that
  • MS: We could ask Microsoft
  • JG: Number of characters?
  • NH: At least 1 printable character
  • JG: Do you think we can be bigger?
  • NH: That becomes a problem, but title could be special
  • JG: I think it is
  • MS: The free check looks for only one
  • JG: I will add a new rule related to manual check of PDF title
  • JG: Rule 4, should we include H sections?
  • MS: It is not tested in assistive technologies
  • JG: It is not a best practices
  • JG: Leave it the way it is now
  • JG: Rule 5 headers must contain content, at least one printable character
  • JG: Rule 6 heading tags should describe the content
  • JG: Rule 7 OK
  • JG: Rule 8 the definitions do not seem to make sense
  • NH: In FAE we didn’t talk about about simple or complex
  • NH: We may want to just talk about data table
  • CD: I have a question, what should be contained in an overview section
  • CD: All property and their options
  • JG: Focus on the properties for accessibility