(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Discussion of IITAA Update
  • Harmonization with Section 508/WCAG 2.0 issue
  • Recommendation by end of September

2. PDF Accessibility Best Practices

3. New Issues


IITAA Update
  • MS: We would like to talk about it here
  • MS: There is a survey and we are waiting for more responses
  • MS: This group could look at the WCAG 2.0 techniques
  • MS: Pros and cons of what is there
  • HR: I am for harmonization, but current techniques might not be clear enough
  • MS: What is their organization scheme, it is not well organized
  • MS: It may be a packaging issue
  • JM: If we change the boiler plate would say comply to Section 508
  • MS: We would say IITAA and IITAA would change
  • JM: Many vendors claim Section 508 and seem to imply that also means IITAA
  • MS: The question will come up if a product claims Section 508 will they also comply with IITAA
  • TO: In terms of harmonizing, can we also offer that as supplemental success criteria? Can we require more??
  • MS: If we are going to harmonize, we will need to use their success criteria, but we modify their techniques to our own needs
  • TO: One of the strengths of IITAA is the functional focus
  • MS: It might be useful to take a look at the WCAG 2.0 example and look at how the techniques would compare to our current requirements
  • MR: We are already specifying Section 508 for technologies other than the web
  • MS: Maybe we don’t change anything until they change
  • MS: The draft Section 508 did not include the success criteria of WCAG 2.0
  • MS: If we are going to define techniques, we should start working on it
  • CB: How do we organize the review of WCAG 2.0
  • MS: Next week talk about 1.1.1
  • JG: We are asking what they think the techniques for meeting this requirement

Elections Website
  • MS: They requested certification
  • MS: We ran into a suprising techniques
  • URL: http://www.elections.il.gov/
  • MS: They use hidden headings, apparently to satisfy FAE rules
  • MS: Can the DHTMLGET version detect run time
  • MS: They put in dummy table markup, and then put in display none
  • MS: WAVE did flag errors, based on empty TH headers
  • MS: They seemed to miss the fundamentals of HTML semantics
  • HR: The survey page a few weeks ago was not detected
  • NH: There is dynamic content and the URL redirect
  • NH: There are many ways to load new content that browsers
  • JG: If there is a potential rule here is that TH elements should not be empty
  • MS: Sometimes a TH in the first row/column is empty
  • MS: We have used empty TH element, that are moved off screen, for rows where the first column is not really a header or should be used as a header
  • MS: If we have to have a TH element what would it be
  • NH: All the TH is a row or colum must not be empty
  • MS: The case I described would fail that rule
  • MS: This technique is to prevent JAWS from using the first column as a header
  • MS: We will send an example or two to the list
  • MS: We could have a rule about not using display: none or visibility: hidden on headers
  • JG: Labels on form controls include what the control is
  • MS: We will share what we find out