(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Webtools Calendar Accessibility

2. Access Board Public Hearing in Chicago on September 29 and 30

3. Discussion of IITAA Update

4. Other Websites

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices
  • "http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/":http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/
  • Review updated organization and rules
  • Review PDF evaluation procedures
  • "http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/evaluate/pdf/":http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/evaluate/pdf/
  • Assign people to update sections of the best practices

6. Meeting next week
  • Jon Gunderson will be at a conference, do we have a chair for next week?


WebTool Calendar
  • HR: I have been working with Jim Wilson on an accessible calendar, with TO and RS
  • JW: We are identifying the functionality of the calendar and make it sure your accessible
  • JW: We have been using ARIA markup
  • JW: Describing the different features
  • JW: Repeating events are sometimes everyday for ever and cluttering up calendars
  • JW: Hide show functions
  • JW: The repeating and events are not headers
  • JW: Nested lists
  • HR: Adding ARIA markup and may be adding more
  • HR: The search
  • JW: We are using the new JQuery calendar, you do not have to use the popup, you can use the input
  • MS: If you can’t make the calendar accessible, provide the alternative
  • MS: May want to take out of popping up
  • JG: What version of JQuery UI?
  • JW: I am not sure
  • JG: Can you send me the information, I will try to contact people working on the accessibility of JQuery widgets
  • NH: Usability questions: Why does the user need to know about repeating events?
  • JW: There are a lot of them and they clutter the master calendar
  • JW: We looked as scrollable divs, but they don’t work with IPhones or other…
  • MS: I think some people will try to circumvent the repeated events, by entering individual events
  • JW: We have thought about it
  • MS: Are you looking for more feedback?
  • JW: Yes

Access Board Public Hearing in Chicago on September 29 and 30
  • http://www.access-board.gov/news/chicago.htm
  • MS: I did get some e-mail from the organizer, she wanted to know who would speak
  • JG: I think there is something that we want to document and get people to endorse
  • MS: We will need to develop some type of justification
  • ACTION: MS develop a draft
  • JG: We need a process to for specific techniques for specification to meet Section 508
  • MS: We would want to develop a process to make it better
  • HR: They will ask how to make it better

3. Discussion of IITAA Update