(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Access Board Public Hearing in Chicago on September 30

3. Discussion of IITAA Update

2. Webtools Calendar Accessibility

4. Other Websites

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


1. Access Board Public Hearing in Chicago on September 30
  • http://www.access-board.gov/news/chicago.htm
  • Comments http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=51746
  • HR: Good job
  • MS: Access board is looking for feedback, they are having a listening session
  • MS: It is not a question an answer and question session
  • MS: One of the questions was related to what states are doing, so we want to raise the issues of the general nature of the success criteria, we need specific direction
  • MS: These are what I felt the talking points and they will be running into the same thing
  • MS: I tired to do the best i could to summarize what our developers are saying they want
  • MS: We need resources that speak the language of developers rather than ..
  • JG: Deborah Kaplan leading the formation of a group related to best practice group for section 508 implementation
  • CD: I think it is great you separate out the technologies
  • MS: Is there anything else people want us to share
  • CD: I think the success criteria is too general
  • JG: The developers may also not be experts in the technologies they are using
  • MS: They are also under a lot of time pressures and do not have time to learn about accessibility
  • CD: There is accessibility summit tomorrow and there is new HTML5 technologies

2. Discussion of IITAA Update

3. Webtools Calendar Accessibility

4. Other Websites
  • DCEO Grant Tracker: http://granttracker.ildceo.net/
  • Elections: http://www.elections.il.gov/
  • MR and MS: We have not heard from either
  • MS: Elections may be interested working with us
  • MS: Grant tracker might respond to outside comments
  • MS: I also mentioned this to NFB
  • MS: Any thoughts about how to apply pressure
  • JG: I will comment on the accessibility
  • HR: What should be the response?
  • HR: Do I need to identify myself
  • JG: I will identify myself
  • HR: What is the best method as an employee?
  • MS: I don’t think it needs to be an employee
  • MS: I think we need to work with the NFB

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices
  • http://webaccessibility.cita.illinois.edu/design/pdf/
  • Review updated organization and rules
  • Review PDF evaluation procedures
  • Assign people to update sections of the best practices
  • JG: Did anyone look at he PDF checker I sent yesterday
  • CD: We sent some PDf document, it pinpoints something other tools don’t
  • CD: It did test for title and permissions
  • JG: It does test for headings
  • CD: It also tested for language
  • HR: I tested the interface from a screen reader point of view, it has some issues
  • CD: It has flyout menus that could be an accessibility problem, mostly talks about WCAG 1.0
  • JG: I talked to them we might be able to work with them
  • JG: They may also be able to walk a website
  • CD: It does I could do some testing
  • MS: I did notice, on a PDF I thought would pass and it wanted bookmarks, the brochure was only one page
  • DP: It does alot of other things
  • TITLE Rule
  • CD: It seems that manual check
  • JG: That should be a manual check
  • JG: The manual check is what shows in the title bar acrobat
  • CD: The tagging for list in Acrobat are strange, there are different kinds of list items
  • CD: There is a number of different tags for LI I will check on that and send something to the list
  • MR: There is not a difference between un order and oredered lists, so we need some techniques on how to implement ordered andunorderedlists
  • CD: One example is we have uses custom tags for ordered list items
  • JG: How does that get mapped accessibility APIs
  • CD: This example has something bulleted list
  • JG: Can you send the document for testing
  • CD: I will send it to the list
  • JG: Has anyone seen table data other than table??
  • MR: No I have not seen it
  • NH: Does tagging effect rendering?
  • JG: No tagging does not affect rendering, most PDF documents do not even have tags
  • MR: Screen readers don’t deal with summary attribute
  • MR: Jaws 12 does not assume row and column headers, so we may want to modify our data table rules
  • JG: Why don’t we talk about this week
  • NH: Tables in PDF, is table markup used for things other than table markup, are there ways to code tabular data that does not use tables