(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Followup of Access Board Public Hearing in Chicago on September 30

2. Discussion of IITAA Update

3. Webtools Calendar Accessibility

4. Other Websites

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


ADA Hearing
  • MS: Talked about what we talked about last week
  • MS: People there were interested in the speakers
  • MS: SSA is interested in creating a best practices group
  • MS: City of Chicago is trying setup a center of excellence
  • MS: The CIO of Chicago has been in contact with us
  • MS: My sense is doing their own thing, but we might want to reach out
  • MS: SSA seems more open to collaboration
  • MS: Several people mentioned the need for enforcement
  • MS: There seems to be some renewed interest at the Federal level
  • JG: One of the purposes is to get input on amending ADA to include IT accessibility
  • MS: NFB, Lighthouse…

2. Discussion of IITAA Update
  • MS: State web masters meeting yesterday and presented on harmonization
  • MS: They did not get a lot of feedback
  • MS: We need to start working on techniques
  • MS: Would like to learn more about the social security admin is doing
  • MS: They are suppose to do something soon

3. Webtools Calendar Accessibility
  • TO: Lets take this off the agenda until they come back

4. Other Websites
  • DCEO Grant Tracker: http://granttracker.ildceo.net/
  • Elections: http://www.elections.il.gov/
  • JG: We will take these off the agenda, until there is more news
  • JG: Submit complaints to the DCEO Grant Tracker, they seem to not be interested in accessibility
  • HR: I sent my comments to the elections people
  • TO: There seems to be a tend to outsource web development, seems to be a budget issue
  • JG: TO can we talk about certification of campus web sites

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices MS: We do have to worry about table markup in PDF coming Word other tools
  • JG: Do you see people using inDesign in state
  • MS: No only a few
  • MS: Most state employees use old stuff including PageMaker
  • MS: There is not a standard in the state
  • JG: Can any data table in PDF not have TH elements?
  • MS: That is something we want to talk about with HTML too
  • MS: Our hypotheses is that you need to have at least row or column headers
  • HR: Are you referring to the recent changes to JAWS
  • MS: The new version of JAWS if there is no cell in the row marked as TH it will not read the first cell
  • MS: JAWS is now following the standard, so we have some examples that legitimate
  • HR: JAWS allows you to use the old behaviors
  • MS: We have had some work arounds, like hiding the first cell in a row
  • MS: We would like to try to create new best practices to avoid hiding cells
  • JG: Does rule 8 make sense, do we need a new rule
  • NH: It depends on the other rules
  • JG: Rules 9, 10 and 11 we can assume will be for a data table
  • NH: Should they be the first cell?
  • MS: Usually this is true, but in markup you could use other rows as headers with markup
  • HR: If I am in a table with no column headings, if I move horizontally will it read the first column heading?
  • MS: The newest JAWS will not
  • MS: talking through an example….
  • HR: Some table it doesn’t seem like we need any of them
  • MS: We would be curious to make some examples of that
  • MS: We have some cases for row headers, but not column headers
  • MS: Can anyone come up with an example of a real table with out headers
  • MS: JAWS does the same in PDF and HTML, and we can do some testing to verify
  • MS: The pro for “and/or” is that we don’t have to hide cells; the “con” is that it is harder to test
  • NH: Is this s JAWS issue
  • NH: Can I see some examples
  • HR: People need to run JAWS
  • MR: I will send the links to some examples
  • NH: That will help
  • JG: Do we need to rules for figures? A manual check for content that is a figure and a second automatic rule realting to images have alternative text

6. No meeting next week, next meeting is the 20th