(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Discussion of IITAA Update
  • Harmonization with Section 508/WCAG 2.0 issue
  • Discuss organizations of techniques for implementation
  • "http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=51392":http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=51392
  • IITAA-WCAG 2 Mapping (http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=51389)

2. Javascript Links
  • Use of javascript in “onclick” or “href” of a links

3. Table Rules

4. Tab Panels

5. PDF Accessibility Best Practices


1. Discussion of IITAA Update
  • MS: The has not been any update
  • MS: Want to develop recommendations on outreach, monitoring, enforcement and education
  • JG: How does the certification process fit into that
  • MS: It definitely fits in somewhere, by giving credit
  • JG: Is there a way to certify people to do IITAA certification process
  • MS: That is something we could consider
  • HR: Is this certifying developers or websites
  • JG: Websites
  • JG: Is there a demand for certifying developers
  • MS: Most developers just want training
  • HR: NFB does followup, does the IITAA certification have follow up
  • MS: No
  • JG: How many websites are certified?
  • MS: 3 or 4 websites have passed certifications and wanted to be listed
  • MS: Some people just wanted the information, they did not want to make it public

2. Javascript Links
  • JG: Two weeks ago we talked about links be using buttons to submit forms, this is confusing to AT users
  • MS: Proposed rule that every form with at least one input, select and textarea controls needs at least one submit button?
  • MM: Would that a select list to change a page
  • MS: Those types of things violate unexpected focus requirements
  • HR: Can that be done with the return key?
  • MS: You could maybe try a keyboard handler, but that may mess up the mouse support
  • MS: The onchange event triggers the change in page
  • MS: Is there any place where the rule would be wrong?
  • MS: Is there any place we would have form field without a button?
  • MM: Pages that don’t load a page, but change stuff on the page
  • MM: Sometimes forms are used where you are not loading a new page
  • MS: If you are changing a filter using onchange event
  • MM: Don’t use a link to submit a form
  • MS: FAE can’t tell what the link is doing
  • MS: People can get around the select by not use a form
  • MM: Is it valid HTML to use controls outside a form
  • MS: I am not sure
  • JG: Do we need to worry about where the javascript is on the onclick or the HREF
  • MS: I think we need an HREF for the link to be in tab order
  • JG: Potential rule you can’t have link with just an onclick handler?
  • NH: I support the best practices about form control submission be a button
  • NH: That would still allow developers to use forms that did not have a submit buttons
  • NH: FAE cannot check event handlers that have been added with scripting
  • MS: It is rare that links do not have something in the HREF, since the href provides developers with consistent styling
  • JG: Not new rules??
  • MS: We could have a warning rule, “most forms should be submitted with a button”?
  • JG: What do people think about that?
  • CD: Yes
  • NH: Yes
  • JG: Could it be an INPUT[SUBMIT], INPUT[IMAGE] or BUTTON
  • HR: What about MM example
  • MS: You would get the warning
  • HR: I saw a navigation bar made out of buttons, what would this rule do
  • MS: this rule does not address that issue
  • ACTION: JG: Draft a new rule for the group review

3. Table Rules
  • JG: Relaxing the requiring at one TH element in every row
  • JG: What do people think?
  • HR: Rows and columns?
  • JG: Just rows
  • NH: What about calendars?
  • MS: We suggested either not both, at least row or column
  • MS: both would also be fine
  • JG: Some accessibility checking tools consider the use of TD with scope attribute as a header
  • MS: We have not in included this markup
  • JG: Should we change the rule?
  • NH: we need to consider some of the implementation of the first row is currently part of the implementation
  • NH: When we consider the header need to be in the first cell of the column
  • MS: We have not had an example where the first row is not column headers
  • JG: With the either or should the TH need to be the first cell
  • NH: what I am hearing is that we should allow the th to be somewhere in the row
  • ACTION NH: Draft revised rule for next week

4. Tab Panels
  • MS: The third example and the issue is the keyboard support
  • MS: The set of tabs is a single set of tab stops, you arrow to move the between the tabs, use button to display
  • MS: The problem is when you tab out of the tabs they miss non focusable text would be missed
  • MS: the first content in other examples is always a form control
  • MS: In this model the content is used to select a different tab, so the normal way in JAWS would not read the content
  • MS: We need some other way to get out of the tab panel not using the tab key
  • HR: I talked to the person at AOL and said I would send him an example, I am not sure your example would work because it is Flash
  • HR: One panel is always active, so when you tab out you go to the first focusable element
  • HR: The content is not focusable there is no way to get to it
  • MS: Maybe there is no way, what about the case when there is only static content
  • MS: JAWS auto forms mode gave us down arrow
  • MM: Does the tab panel need the down arrow?
  • MS: They treat accordions the same as tab panels
  • NH: Instead of going to the first control, you give the whole panel focus
  • MS: That is a good thought, we can do some testing
  • HR: In virtual mode you can read both static and interactive content
  • HR: I use space bar and it doesn’t effect forms mode
  • HR: I know the space mode does not change the virtual mode to forms mode
  • MS: We can try that, the interface design pattern, was to allow the screen reader user to tab in and make the selection, without having to read through the reminder of the tabs
  • MS: What you are saying if we can keep it out of form mode, we don’t have a way to go
  • MS: It actually goes to the tab itself
  • HR: how do you get to the focusable element?
  • MS: Using the tab key again
  • JG: What about treating it as a hide show?
  • MS: We would have built it as a list of links
  • MS: The old model works better