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Teleconference details


1. IITAA Update and Certification
  • Scheduling a one day conference
    • IITAA Update
    • IITAA Certirfication Process

2. Table Rules
  • CURRENT RULE: For each data table, the first cell in each column must be a th element, and each row must contain at least one th element.

3. Web Services Calendar


IITAA Update and Certification
  • MS: It would be good to meet to talk about both certification and IITAA update
  • CB: We were a little surprised on the amount of comments
  • MS: We are open to discuss the report
  • MS: Maybe we could start with a conference call after you have a chance to go through it
  • NH: that would be great, a lot of thought went into the report
  • MR: Somethings were just recommendations
  • NH: Some of the sections start with recommendation
  • MS: The ones that start with recommendations are not violations
  • MS: The other ones we need to probably discuss on where to do it or change it
  • JG: What is the timeline for IITAA renewal, want to wait for section 508 to be released
  • MS: There is no exact timeline
  • MS: I think it would be good to look at refreshing the current IITAA
  • JG: How about Friday the 17th for a meeting in Champaign

2. Table Rules

3. 3. Web Services Calendar