(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. IITAA refresh next steps
  • Review results of last months meeting
  • Priorities for IITAA revision
    • HTML+CSS+Javascript
    • Audio and Video
    • Adobe PDF documents
    • Flash

2. DOJ Request for Comments on Web Accessibility Rules for ADA


1. IITAA refresh next steps
  • MS: We just start redrafting drafting techniques based on WCAG 2.0 techniques
  • JG: Is that something this group will group will do?
  • MS: We will be looking for volunteers
  • MR: I have a start on what we might be looking for
  • NH: I have a comment on the meeting, some of the problems with WCAG with techniques, it is critical is what is the right level, we have some poor examples
  • MS: We have the two fold goal of harmonize, but better
  • MS: It seems the success criteria is set, the techniques give us latitude
  • MS: It may not be a perfect, but we do have the capability to change the techniques
  • NH: In a sense you make a good point, we will not be able to reorganize everything, we might want to go back and review some of the examples from the meeting
  • MS: Given the techniques seem to be random in WCAG, so I think we can reorganize
  • MS: MR reordering is a good start
  • MR: The only issue is that the techniques have been updated
  • MS: Is it online?
  • MR: No
  • MS: Send it to me and I can post
  • JG: Next week we could review the mapping

2. DOJ Request for Comments on Web Accessibility Rules for ADA
  • MS: I have not able to generate a draft
  • JG: Reviewing Questions 1 – 4
  • MS: Need to look at question #2 and clarify the draft standard and not the current standard
  • MS: Question #4 seems to be more of a commentary, seems to be stating including functional performance criteria as a part of Section 508
  • JG: Any other comments about question #1-#4
  • JG: Question #5 should include be minimal
  • MS: It might be a requirement on the agency or university that is not accessible
  • MS: It would be more ADA like
  • JG: I think it is hard to manage, we want the burden on companies
  • HR: I understand the approach
  • MS: All the enforcement of ADA is by law suite it is reactive
  • JG: I don’t think it will be all that different
  • MS: At one point in face book in growth make it need to be accessible?
  • JG: I think if someone is building a service
  • HR: As long as a service is used privately, as soon as it becomes available to the general public it needs to be accessible
  • MS: Does a service that is available to a limited number of students or group, does it need to comply?
  • MS: If there is nothing that bars people with disabilities from participating in the group, then it needs to be accessible
  • MS: Accessibility needs to be there when some one with disability needs it
  • MS: From a practical standpoint, is there a way to leave the door open to not being accessible if no one with a disability needs to use it
  • NH: The concept for on demand, we don’t have a need for accessibility, because we don’t have anybody with a disability, but if things change the entity will be responsible for accessibility
  • MS: It is the same thing as accepting the risk of not being accessible, having a OCR complaint
  • MS: It is always awkward when people ask about the “no on with disability is using the system now”
  • JG: Suggested comment is that exemptions should be limited

Question #6
  • JG: It is a three part question
  • JG: Need to add this group to the list for part #1
  • CD: One of the issues on this campus is who this falls upon
  • CD: It is currently hard for our staff to comply
  • MS: This is a tough question, you can provide comments
  • CD: There is a lack of knowledge of developers or vendor to maintain accessibility features
  • NH: A comment from a corporate setting, I was on a web team, I was told it needed to be accessible, and there was a person on staff that new about accessibility. At least if there is one person it goes a long way.
  • MS: The ability is going to vary from organization, but the willingness has to be there first

Assigning DOJ Response Questions for Discussion Next Week
  • Questions #7: NH
  • Questions #8: HR
  • Questions #9: MS
  • Questions #10: MS
  • Questions #11: MS
  • Questions #12:
  • Questions #13: TO
  • Questions #14: CD
  • Questions #15: MR
  • Questions #16: MM
  • Questions #17: JG
  • Questions #18: JG
  • Questions #19: JG