(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. DOJ Request for Comments on Web Accessibility Rules for ADA

2. Work Group Planning
  • Defining priorities for best practices
    • Javascript
    • Adobe PDF
    • Multimedia

3. Other Issues


Draft DOJ Comments
  • Wiki has been updated: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=52830
  • Main themes
    • WCAG 2.0 Double-A success criteria
    • Web accessibility expanded to the public helps improve accessibility
    • Certification of web accessibility specialists or website accessibility
    • Techniques for meeting the success criteria need to be constantly improved
  • MS: Need to make clear that Section 508 refresh would be accessible and not the current Section 508 requirements
  • MS: The more we can have a unified message the louder it will be heard by the DOJ
  • NH: Question 7: The way the question is worded it is open to interpretation
  • NH: What is meant by features?
  • NH: There are many ways to look at what features means
  • NH: Are there practices that make compliance more difficult than they should be, complex page layouts that are created without consideration for accessibility
  • MS: Maybe the gist of that is right, maybe we could identify coding practices and technologies that are difficult to make accessible, this would force developers to choose technologies more carefully
  • MS: Developers need to be aware of that their choice of technologies and coding patterns will have an impact on the difficultly of accessibilitry
  • HR: My question 8 response takes into account the technology choices of developers
  • NH: We need to have people to think ahead

Questions 9, 10 and 11
  • MS: This is about timelines and consequences
  • MS: They propose that for newly created web sites would need to comply within 6 months of publishing the standards
  • MS: What about modified sites, it says “new content must be accessible”, even if the framework is not
  • MS: The last one is that within 2 years all sites would need to be in compliance
  • MS: Are the timelines reasonable, should inaccessible content be removed…
  • MS: My concern is that some sites have millions of pages, for the IITAA standards that there is no cost effective way to make legacy content accessibility
  • MS: My fear is that the 2 year requirement it might be ammunition for people who oppose the requirements to talk about the cost
  • HR: I think within 2 years it would be enough and most large sites are database driven
  • MS: If the Database has bad HTML in it, who would edit all this stuff
  • MS: We were working with PACE and just the cost of looking at 1,000 page was a staggering amount of time
  • MS: What if you include Adobe PDF documents
  • MS: It is my practical fear of even how to look at all the content
  • JG: It seems that DOJ wants to amend this to ADA, without congressional action
  • MS: My concern is that requirements to fix legacy pages invites resistance
  • MS: I always point out that IITAA is forward looking
  • MS: If that was taken away I don’t know how I would deal with that
  • HR: For anything that is created in a certain time
  • MS: Or NH an as needed basis, only when someone asks
  • HR: Medical records are going to be a big issue
  • MS: That is a very good example
  • MS: We had an issue with scanned images of birth records, these would be a huge challenges
  • JG: Accessible requests I think are a good way to go
  • HR: If is between everything and nothing there will be a compromise
  • MS: I hope we can be a group that can bridge the gap between the extremes
  • JG: I think that gives us some ammunition for a new response
  • HR: For question 11 I suggested 2 year grace period for critical service, especially in rural settings
  • MS: I see your point and often working with organizations, we start with new and then we try to get at high profile stuff, we want people to come back to them

Next Steps for this Group
  • MS: I would like more usable techniques for WCAG 2.0
  • MS: I would like to see PDF and Flash/Flex
  • MS: Someone had sent some info about Adobe PDF
  • JG: There are some questions about
  • NH: We are talking about dynamic behaviors that are created with javascript

Next Week
  • Conclude our discussion of the DOJ response
    • Send draft responses to the list
    • Include the question # in the subject line
    • One question per e-mail to make it easier to discuss on the list
  • Best Practice Priorities for next 3 months
    • Multimedia (video and audio)
    • Adobe PDF
    • Dynamically generated HTML content using javascript and CSS
    • Using OpenAjax Rules
    • Flash/Flex