(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


ANNOUNCEMENT: No Meeting Next Week
  • John Gardner presenting at 3:30pm

1. DOJ Request for Comments on Web Accessibility Rules for ADA

2. Work Group Planning
  • Relationship with OpenAjax Alliance
  • Defining priorities for best practices
    • Javascript
    • Adobe PDF
    • Multimedia

3. Other Issues


FAE 1.1
  • NH: FAE 1.1 is now available
  • JG: Please try and give us your feedback

Next Meeting
  • JG: No meeting next week due to Dr. Garder

DOJ Response
  • MS: I will give some IITAA examples
  • MS: Is the group response needed?
  • JG: I did not see a group consensus
  • MS: I would not feel comfortabl drafting an IITAA response without group review
  • JG: any of the questions people what to discuss today
  • MS: I will review and send out a note if I have any comments
  • JG: Can you update the wiki?
  • MS: Yes I will try to do that and send a note
  • TO: Will the CIOs responding?
  • JG: I am not sure it is up to them
  • TO: Question 13 looks good to me, it was clearly written from an admin point of view than a web developer point of view
  • TO: Can we see the comments
  • MS: We can see other peoples suggestions
  • MS: They may not respond directly, they may prepare a new ruling
  • JG: If they do do something it will be big news

Next Steps
  • JG: Are people interested in marging this group with the OpenAjax process
  • NH: OpenAjax Alliance is a group that promoting Javascript
  • NH: JG has gotten OAA to include there rules
  • NH: FAE 2.0 is planning on using the OAA rules
  • JG: OAA rules can be customized
  • JG: OAA alliance may give more credibility
  • JG: We could still use our current time to PDF and Flash accessibility
  • NH: I think this group has a lot of html group and PDF is complex and seems to be a separate effort
  • MS: We need time to work on PDF to make process
  • MS: If it a separate process it is going to spread people pretty thin
  • NH: Another possibility is an intermediate group that people are part of OAA, we generate ideas for OAA and the OAA members introduce them
  • NH: If we have a PDF group it will need more participants
  • MS: This group drafts for techniques IITAA, this group would be a good place for the group
  • TO: I think we need a separate group for PDF
  • CB: The knowledge base of this group is more on HTML, PDF needs to be looked at but the knowledge base of this group is broader
  • HR: I think we need more people for PDF, we can get some thing done
  • HR: I cannot contribute very much to PDF production
  • HR: This group should continue to focus
  • JG: I am not hearing an over whelming reponse to join OAA, but the group does want to focus on HTML
  • JG: It souunds like we continue as we are now and refocus this group on HTML and Dynamic HTML techniques
  • JG: We will look to see how we can contribute to OAA
  • JG: Should we start looking at the ARIA landmark roles
  • NH: How should we prioritize the techniques got IITAA
  • MS: MR reorganize the current IITAA to the WCAG 2.0 success criteria
  • JG: Should we do that
  • NH: Can we do both?
  • MS: We need an introduction to the OAA rule set
  • HR: Required readings
  • JG: Reading the rules would be the first start