(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Mobile Web Accessibility Best Practices Group
  • Questions from Jim Wilison

2. Overview of OpenAjax Rules and Rulesets

3. IITAA mapping to WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria


Mobile Web Accessibility
  • JW: The link is current not live but it will be live Monday
  • http://go.illinois.edu/mobile
  • JW: Were do I get started?
  • JW: I can approach?
  • JG: Two issues, accessibility device and using the site alternive to the desktop site
  • JG: Driode very accessibility support, iPhone does have accessibility features, including VoiceOver for testing speech access
  • JG: One keyboard focus of what link they were on
  • JG: A lot of the pages were like tree structures, that you added ARIA and keyboard support would be cool features
  • HR: The interaction would be similar to an application
  • HR: You can use arrow keys for navigation
  • JG: Safari is supporting ARIA so there will probably some benefits on both desktop
  • HR: What other OS have browsers
  • JG: Chrome and IE
  • JW: We have over 15 browsers, Opera Mini has some problems
  • JW: The DOCTYPE for a smart phone needs to be very specific, to get stylesheets to work
  • JW: Is there a problem with using a mobile doctype for a desktop browser?
  • HR: one of my concerns, not having full navigation for the entire application
  • JW: We approached this from the way we use the smart phones in our office, the back button is used to get to previous pages
  • JW: There are links to UI Home, Department Home and Application Home, there are only 3 or 4 levels
  • HR: maybe not at this time, it might be a concern later on
  • HR: I am concerned that if there is an authentication the back button may cause the session to expire
  • MS: What is the mobile DOCTYPE?
  • <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.2//EN" "http://www.openmobilealliance.org/tech/DTD/xhtml-mobile12.dtd">
  • MS: Did you try HTML 5?
  • JW: no
  • MS: We have been playing with the HTML 5 DOCTYPE
  • JW: We will try it
  • HR: JW demonstrated using an image for radio buttons and checkboxes to make them bigger
  • JW: I could not use CSS to make the standard checkbox or radio button bigger
  • HR: In a regular browser can you make checkboxes larger?
  • TO: You can’t change it in CSS
  • JW: On our mobile using images that are 6X larger so people can use their fingers to change the size
  • JW: They still have real checkbox and radio markup
  • HR: My experience that the checkbox as images have been a problem
  • JG: One solution is to use ROLE=PRESENTATION on the images and they will be taken out of the accessibility tree
  • HR: What about ALT=”“
  • JG: Jon gives a description of how ARIA=ROLEWORKS
  • MS: If you set the background color of the checkbox you can change the size of the text box on some browsers
  • JW: It would be nice to have a better solution
  • HR: Can I change my browser to act like a cell phone
  • NH: I have some links I can send you
  • JG: We could send out the link on Monday, and we could discuss next week
  • JW: I can send out of the links, there some parts that have not been updated for mobile
  • JG: Any other questions for JW?

OpenAjax Website
  • JG: OpenAjax is trying to come to publish version 1.0 in the next few weeks, so I have been making some modifications to the spec
  • JG: Any questions about how we could we use the web
  • MS: Is openajax interested in best practices
  • NH: I don’t think the OAA web site is the best place for best practices
  • MS: If were ever to get to PDF if it would be in scope
  • JG: We need to reorganize to represent WCAG 2.0 requirements
  • MS: We are thinking about an accessibility center of excellence, something that could bring together state agencies
  • NH: I think there is a cross over, how do we want to organize information, we want to talk about how you do this
  • JG: We need a WCAG 2.0 view of the document, and it could go into something that looks like the current best practices website
  • JG: Discussion of proposed landmark rules

Next Week
  • More on mobile web, JW will send links on Monday
  • Organization of best practices to have a WCAG 2.0 view
  • Center of Excellence for web accessibility for the state
  • Landmark rule refinement