(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Mobile Web Accessibility Best Practices Group

2. Hide/Show tab like panels best practices “Announcements”, “News & Events” or “Virtual Advising” link
  • Use of ARIA landmarks for “navigation” and “main”
  • Update hidden text for “Show” and “Selected”

Other Issues?


Rotating Images
  • MS: We had a rotating image issue for the Illinois home page
  • MS: There are images and text
  • MS: The keyboard support was the main issue and starting stoping
  • MS: Mouse hover stops the rotating
  • JG: Is this what the issue HR and TO?
  • HR: TO can explain
  • JG: URL is http://www.ece.illinois.edu
  • TO: Each image is a separate link, UI home page all images go to one link
  • HR: They appear as a anchor link, but the link does not take you anywhere
  • TO: There is a little image to select the image, the links are NULL images, they have event handlers, and no ALT text
  • JG: Current links have no description and no keyboard support
  • HR: Lori said that a click on any of the links it stops rotation
  • JG: The link itself does not say anything about stopping anything
  • TO: There is no indication that there is text on the page
  • JG: How similar is this to illinois.gov?
  • MR: it is similar, but has a paragraph of text describing the image
  • MS: The ece.illinois.edu web site could be updated to have descriptions
  • MS: It is a tab construct is similar, it looks different, but same idea
  • MS: When you click on a tab that should take you to the content
  • JG: Is this the same panel example we have been working on?
  • MS: yes
  • MS: The difference is that their is animation
  • HR: When you cannot see the screen, you do not know what is going on
  • HR: We should have a means to skip navigation, or stop animation button
  • HR: Are the animation providing any useful information
  • JG: The animation may use the offscreen, so they are not hidden from screen readers
  • MS: Right we did not want to hide the information
  • HR: If they are static rotation, what happens if the pages are from a database?
  • MS: from illinois.gov does not use AJAX, there are just 5 stories
  • MS: If AJAX is used it might have to be ARIA live region
  • HR: Are the images stories?
  • MS: They are a headline of a story?
  • HR: Why do they use images?
  • MS: It could be text? But that is just what they did.
  • JG: I will try to create an examples
  • HR: Where we should be putting example page
  • JG: Example will go on the Open Ajax Website
  • JG: Long term I want to share examples in the database between OAA and best practices

Panel Example
  • HR: The headings says links, it should use the word “Tabs” or “Panels”
  • HR: “The word “show” is off screen is not needed, since the selected tab is showed
  • JR: Do you think it will people will know they left the panel?
  • HR: Tabs are in a list, a more comprehensive suggestion is to have a number
  • HR: You could also add the word tab to the end of the list
  • MS: The tabs should be in a list, the use of tabbing can be fairly disorienting
  • NH: reads HR points from his e-mail
  • HR: Use landmarks
  • MS: If you put the landmark on a list, it overrides the list
  • JG: I will move to container

Anything else today?
  • JG: Do people want to meet next week?
  • JG: Next meeting 30 March 2011