(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Mobile Web Accessibility Best Practices Group

2. Hide/Show tab like panels best practices

Other Issues?


1. Illinois Mobile Web
  • JG: Jim Wilson cannot come today
  • MS: There are some other features on an iPhone for accessibility
  • JG: Maybe we could have one day workshop on iPhone technology
  • MS: TJ Schlouski (with Illinois AT program) has played with other
  • JG: Anything else on mobile web today?

2. Hide/Show tab like panels best practices
  • http://web20semester.cita.illinois.edu/assignment4/part2/nav-home.html
  • JG: talks about different options using buttons, aria
  • MS: I think these options are too complicated for most people, simple links are probably good for most users
  • JG: So no state information in the links or using ARIA markup
  • MS: Right
  • CD: Do they tell the IDs
  • MR: I agree with MS, user knows what to expect when
  • TO: I agree with MS, I think MS is on the right track
  • MS: I understand Hadi’s perspective of reading information that other people cannot see, but there does not seem to be a perfect design
  • JG: You would say to use display offscreen, rather than display none?
  • MS: Yes, this is where the discrepancy may happen
  • MS: It might take making examples of the two different ways
  • CD: Would these be collected on a different pages
  • JG: These examples are simply trying to make long pages short
  • NH: It seems the keyboard navigation seems reasonable
  • MS: For the sighted keyboard users is wiring the focus events
  • JG: What would be the two examples
  • MS: The other example would use display none and state information in the links
  • MS: The aria tab panel doesn’t support static content very much
  • MS: The tablist is a navigation panel
  • JG: There are issues of role describe visual rendering of the widget or the function of the widget
  • HR: We are dealing with this in a application I am assessing with TO
  • JG: I will try to make examples, MS can you test it
  • MS: We can do some testing

3. Other issues
  • HR: I have been working with Robert Slater, there are some links that need longer text
  • HR: In the library resources like science direct
  • HR: They put the information in a title attribute
  • HR: RS is put a link at the top of the list and that the extra information is displayed
  • MR: We will add extra text in the link itself
  • HR: This information is useful to everybody
  • MR: Why not just make it available all the time
  • HR: it would make the page to big
  • MS: Could you clarify the issue
  • HR: The information is in the title element and not easily identifiable to screen reader users, so by adding a hide/show link the content could be put inline
  • MS: Maybe just position offscreen so that it is always available to screen reader
  • HR: It might be to much information to wade through if it is there all the time
  • HR: Another solution, but I can’t share it right now
  • JG: Hadi can you ask RS if he has a link to share
  • NH: Users benefit from expand all