(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Mobile Web Accessibility Best Practices Group

2. Hierarchical navigation lists
  • Use of aria roles
  • Keyboard support
  • Display none of off screen

3. Other Issues?


Discussion of UIC Digital Accessibility Expo

1. Mobile Web Accessibility Best Practices Group

2. Hierarchical navigation lists
  • MS: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/opensource
  • JG: Hadi tried using JAWS on a menu of links and the list information about the list was lost
  • HR: There was difficultly in reading the sub menu labels
  • HR: It was difficult to navigate with the JAWS commands
  • HR: Every time you went to a top menu it opened and it is confusing
  • JG: MS could you go through you rationale
  • MS: Basically a drop down menu, 3 menus, the top tree labels are visible and their sub items are normally hidden
  • MS: The underlying markup is nested lists
  • MS: We have a off screen heading “menu”, we considered using role=“navigation” on the list, but that cancelled the list of links be reported as a list
  • MS: We could move the role to a container
  • MS: The drop downs become visible when the mouse hovers or when you use the tab key
  • MS: The advanced user we also added custom event hanlders we add keyboard support for the cursor keys
  • MS: We sue the standard commends found in window application menus
  • MS: For the screen reader user, we support putting the links off screen
  • MS: So the content is not hidden from a screen readers, they would get the nesting information
  • MS: The can use JAWS commands to skip the list content (I key)
  • MS: SO using the I key I can go between links
  • MS: It is not exactly the same for the screen reader user, but they have access to the same information
  • MS: This may not be the only way, but this does seem usable
  • MS: I am hoping to get the script published so other people can use it
  • HR: I have a question, I can see the main menus have chidren, and how a screen reader user
  • HR: If I want to completely by pass it would take me 3 key strokes
  • HR: I like the ARIA approach of tabbing into the menu and tab out of
  • MS: The whole problem of tab out, then you are tabbing to the next focusable element, this skips static content
  • MS: This requires a rule of not having static content, the suggestion one is putting hidden focusable element after the menu
  • MS: If you have something that is role application, it might work
  • MS: This happens in a lot of pages including flash
  • MS: The hidden link solution does not seem to be sustainable, people will forget to put it in
  • MS: When you have both static and focusable content this does not seem to work
  • HR: We talked about this same issue in the tab panel
  • MS: Making static content focusable seems to be a klug
  • HR: Maybe it is the responsibility of the screen reader program, is that the behavior is not consistent with the sighted user
  • MS: That would be similar to JAWS auto forms mode
  • MS: We had problems of keyboard commands are overloaded in widgets
  • MS: There would need to be a different command to get out of a menu
  • HR: I wish screen reader developers were more involved
  • MS: A lot of ARIA stuff seems to be based on accessibility APIs mapping and what got left our=t was the mix of focusable and static content
  • NH: I would like to talk about the FAE keyboard support
  • NH: When you get to a rule, you get the number of pages that pass or fails, if you hit return it will display a list of links
  • NH: The next tab takes you to the first item in the list, and then you can use the up and down arrow keys, tab again takes you out of the list of links
  • MS: How does the user know that their is a list and use the down arrows
  • HR: That is a draw back
  • MS: The web is a different beast

3. Next Week
  • Mobile web
  • Menu best practices
  • Hover text in library (Robert Slater)
  • Checkbox multiselect (part of ethics training)