(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Mobile Web Accessibility (Jim Wilson)

2. Hierarchical navigation lists
  • DHS menu bar: "http://www.dhs.state.il.us/opensource/":http://www.dhs.state.il.us/opensource/
  • ARIA Menu Bar: "http://www.oaa-accessibility.org/examples/role/85/":http://www.oaa-accessibility.org/examples/role/85/

3. Hover based Tooltip for information about library searches (Robert Slater)
  • "https://listserv.illinois.edu/wa.cgi?A2=ind1104&L=web-best-practices&T=0&O=A&X=43BB763AE1B91530E0&Y=jongund%40illinois.edu&P=1190":https://listserv.illinois.edu/wa.cgi?A2=ind1104&L=web-best-practices&T=0&O=A&X=43BB763AE1B91530E0&Y=jongund%40illinois.edu&P=1190

4. Checkbox multi select from Ethics training

5. Firefox keyboard navigation options and web design

6. Other issues


1. Mobile Web Accessibility (Jim Wilson)
  • New home page:
  • JW: Is ARIA necessary important for small pages
  • HR: It adds alot of additional information, maybe we need just headings for now
  • HR: Maybe next year we will need more information
  • MS: Did you want use to look at the mobile page
  • MS: Doesn’t think there is more that you can do with it
  • JW: I don’t think I see us doing much more
  • MS: My initial reaction was to search by heading, but maybe wanting to hear the title of the page, something about being the home page would be nice
  • MS: Maybe a hidden heading that this is the home page
  • MS: Hadi did you try it with your iPhone
  • HR: yes
  • MS: It doesn’t say the number of items in the list
  • HR: No it doesn’t
  • MS: It is not as rich as the desktop version of VoiceOver
  • MS: Orientation information is useful
  • NH: Does it make sense to add an landmark
  • MS: Does it read landmarks?
  • HR: Yes it does
  • MS: How do you do it?
  • HR: need to configure
  • NH: There are some other landmarks like search
  • JW: Right now VoiceOver does not say what the landmark is
  • HR: Right
  • MS: The search page has search in the title, and …
  • HR: another issue is bread crumbs, they will be adding
  • HR: If they are on the bottom it will be harder for people to find and then they always need to go to the end
  • JW: we will never have more than 3 items in the list, and it will always include the home page
  • JW: We have been getting feedback on people wanting breadcrumbs
  • HR: A related issue, some applications use the first button as the back button. Should this also be used on web pages?
  • NH: That seems to go against the way breadcrumbs work
  • JW: Andriode has a back button and I am constantly using it, does Safari have that?
  • HR: It is not easy to reach
  • NH: iPhone has multi-tasking
  • NH: No global back button
  • JW; How hard is it to get tot he back button in VO?
  • NH: There is a bar at the bar at the bottom, ...
  • MS: It is tough to get there with the screen reader, there is no tactile marker on the screen
  • NH: It is the same area of the screeen
  • MS: You could put a dot
  • HR: You would need a lot of dots
  • HR: There are issues when you are on a call and you want to use VO commands
  • HR: It makes it difficult to use the visual buttons
  • HR: Wish they had a mechanical button to hang up

2. Hierarchical navigation lists


Microsoft Lync and Communicator (VO IP)
  • JG: Is the state using these prodcuts
  • MS: No some agencies are moving to VOIP, but using AT&T technology

OpenAjax Alliance
  • JG: Would like people to

3. Hover based Tooltip for information about library searches (Robert Slater)

4. Checkbox multiselect from Ethics training
  • Leave on list

5. Firefox keyboard navigation options on the Mac and web design
  • NH provide more detail
  • Leave on list

6. Other issues for list
  • Flyoout menus (DRES website)
  • Links in context