(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Face to Face Meeting in Springfield
  • Discuss a FTF meeting in Springfiled to discuss IITAA 2.0 and rules development

2. WCAG 2.0 Requirement 2.4.4 Links in context requirement
  • JG: Will have some examples for tomorrow

3. Other Issues


1. FTF Meeting for Web Best Practices
  • Tentative date is Wednesday, August 17th
  • Please reserve in your calendar
  • Main themes FTF
    • DHTML accessibility like hide/show, link menus, topic rotators
    • Widget toolkits: JQuery-UI and Dojo toolkit
    • Section 508 and IITAA 2.0
    • Philosophical issue: hiding content from sighted users, that is visible to screen readers
    • AInspector tools and FAE 2.0

Links in context
  • JG: I did some testing
  • JG: Seems to work pretty well with Jaws 12 and Firefox 5 and Internet 9.0
  • JG: Windowseyes, Voice Over and NVDA do not use the aria-describedby information
  • JG: I tested link
  • MR: It works with IE 8.0
  • MS: That sounds good
  • JG: Do we want to push this technique into WCAG 2.0 technniques
  • JG: I will prepare an example page
  • JG: NH is there any default contexts?
  • NH: My comment was related to always need a context reference, there are some contexts
  • MS: If it passes 2.4.9 aria-describedby would not be needed

Any other issues for today
  • MS: We have a room for the 17th
  • CD: We have met to discuss webinars for IBHE webinar series
  • CD: We will meet again next week, maybe an introduction to universal design for instruction
  • CD: Softchalk, Elluminate and other technologies
  • CD: We had a pretty good response at the UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • CD: Learning object repository
  • JG: We can talk about it next month at IBHE meeting
  • CD: People are interested in stuff they can actually use, LecShare has alot of nice features including accessibility
  • JG: I think that sounds good, focus on stuff people can use
  • JG: Need to try to coordinate with Norm Combs
  • CD: Do the examples work with NVDA, I don’t have JAWS?
  • JG: No nut you can run Jaws in demo mode for 45 minutes.