(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Proposed WCAG 2.0/Section 508 Rules


Reviewing progress on Pull Down Menus and Tree Menus
  • IMAGE 1: Images must have an alt attribute (ok)
  • IMAGE 2: If the longdesc attribute is defined, it must have valid URI (ok)
  • IMAGE 3: The file name of the image should not be part of the alt text content (it must have an image file extension)
    • JG: Can we just look for just file names?
    • HR: I use file name in my alt text, will this fail
    • JG: no
    • MS: This is trying to catch tools automatically putting in file names
    • HR: Any restrictions in the characters??
    • JG: No restrictions on characters
    • MS: Just trying to catch automated rules
    • JG: It is not a very powerful rule
    • MS: This is something that Word
  • IMAGE 4: If the ALT attribute contains content, it should be less than 80 characters long, longer descriptions should use long description techniques (English only)
    • HR: Is 80 characters arbitrary
    • MS: We count words in one.net
    • JG: There is no minimum
    • MS: I would go for 120 for English, since I use than may frequently
    • HR: How will the developer see this as a recommendation
    • NH: What is the problem with long description
    • MS: You need to add a separate page
    • NH: What are we trying to prevent? We are just trying to prevent people from using really long.
    • MS: Change the length to 120 characters
    • MS: Add a rule for 1 pixel high or wide
    • HR: Why do people use 1 pixel images
    • MS: It is an old technique, especially in old
    • HR: What about repetition of images?
    • MS: They don’t typically stack them
    • MS: Can you add a rule about certain words
    • JG: Can you send the words or list