(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Proposed WCAG 2.0/Section 508 Rules

2. Other Issues


Requirement 1.1.1 Non-text Content
  • JG: Add rule related to the use of certain English words as a potential recommendation
  • NH: Concerned about the list of English words
  • JG: If it becomes more a distraction we can get
  • MS: If the ALT text is white space is that a violation
  • HR: White space should not be allowed
  • Discussion of white space in alt text
  • MS: White space needs more testing
  • JG: Updated witki

IMAGE 7: If an image has a height or width of 1 pixel its alt text set to empty, role set to presentation or the image removed and use CSS position
  • NH: If it is 2 pixels do we care?
  • MS: 1 pixel is the safest
  • JG: This is a failure only rule
  • HR: We have recommended using 1 pixel information for state information
  • KH: In content management systems empty alt text is common
  • JG: My gut reaction is to get rid of all potential XXX, it would leave us with 6 rules