(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details


1. Proposed WCAG 2.0/Section 508 Rules

2. Meeting schedule for October

3. Other Issues


Meetings Next Few Weeks
  • JG: No meeting next week due to FAE 2.0 planning meeting
  • MS: Is there anything specific topics that people would like to discuss?
  • no burning issue reported
  • JG: Next meeting 2 November 2011

1.3.1 Info and Relationships Rules
  • Editing descriptions of simple and complex tables
  • NH: Difference is the use of scope?
  • JG: Yes
  • HR: Do screen readers support scope?
  • MS: We have not tested it recently, it use to be that td was a header it
  • MS: Newer versions of JAWS will not make that assumption
  • MS: The HTML4 spec is backward, if a table cell is both data and header you should use scope
  • MR: I will test
  • MS: It is row or column
  • JG: yes

TABLE 2: A data table should have a caption element with content or aria-labelledby reference