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Teleconference details


1. Proposed WCAG 2.0/Section 508 OAA Rules

2. Other Issues


Other Issues
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Discussion of Table Caption/ARIA Label and Summary/ARIA Description
  • Issues
* One data table * Multiple data tables
  • Semantics
* Titling the table * providing alternative description of the data table
  • HR: I think summary is more important in general than summary
  • NH: Summary is a recommendation for complex data tables
  • NH: I see a need more of need to titling a data table, than the description
  • JG: What is more important a TITLE or DESCRIPTION
  • MR and MD: A title
  • MS: I don’t think complex data table always needs a summary
  • MS: Summary is sometimes used to provide directions on how to sort sortable tables
  • HR: TITLE is more effective than descriptions usually
  • HR: TITLE helps everyone
  • NH: If you are using assistive technology we are trying to enable is getting a list of table
  • HR: How is aria-labeling used
  • JG: It is used as the accessible name in the accessible rules
  • HR: Recommendation for TABLE_2
  • CD: Recommendation for TABLE_2
  • JG: How about TABLE_3?
  • JG: I changed the header to just “Data Tables”
  • HR: Screen reader users don’t know if tables are simple or complex
  • NH: Sometimes a simple data benefits from a summary, and there are cases where complex data tables don’t need a summary
  • NH: It seems that there should be more requirements for a complex data tables
  • MR: I am concerned that people cannot use just summary as a title, there is AT support and developers don’t have to worry about labeling. ARIA labeling is new and people and AT do not have technologies that support access to the information