(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details




1. Draft statement on IITAA update (Mike Scott)

2. IITAA 2.0 Face-to-Face meeting

3. WCAG 2.0/IITAA Rules


Draft Statement on IITAA 2.0 Update
  • Not ready to discuss

FTF Meeting on IITAA Update
  • MS: Some time in March
  • JG: The weather would be better
  • MS: Thursday March 15th?
  • JG: How does that work for people on the call
  • TO: Works for me
  • CD: Works for me
  • MR: Where?
  • MS: I can host in Springfield
  • JG: Start about 9:00am and go to about 3:30pm
  • MS: Any new thoughts about Section 508?
  • no comments

  • JG: Summarized data table rules related to table summary attribute
  • MS: Change the name of effective caption and effective label to effective name and effective description
  • JG: We discussed this earlier and decided on effective caption and effective label
  • JG: Any other questions related to tables?
  • JG: Discussion of rule LANDMARK_1
  • MS: benefit to screen reader users can jump to the main content
  • TO: What about home pages or navigation content
  • JG: We have sub section within the landmarks
  • NH: The language assumes some knowledge of landmarks and what they are
  • JG: Any suggestions?
  • CD: Some of the introductory information
  • MS: can you put the role=main on the body element?
  • JG: I don’t know if body should be sufficient
  • JG: I would be concerned about abouse of this by developers put main on body all the time
  • MS: More information about the meaning
  • NH: The user needs to know what should be in the main container
  • JG: We need these notes information available to the users
  • JG: Any other comments on landmark_1?
  • NH: editorial comment
  • JG: Landmark 2
  • HR: Can we remove visible?
  • NH: Should the statement be about what s testable or the goal, I think rules should try to do both
  • NH: The ideal rule says something technical and also why you are doing it
  • CD: The landmark need to have a manual test?
  • KH: Do we need to have some additional information on the intention of the rule?
  • NH: I agree
  • JG: A rule has two parts, the test and then the accessibility intent of the rule
  • KH: Developers need to understand the purpose of the rule
  • CD: I agree