(Inactive) Web Best Practices: Teleconference Details

Teleconference details



1. Agenda for IITAA 2.0 Face-to-Face meeting on March 15th in Springfield

2. Availability of Firefox and Firebug Extensions (Alpha) to test rules

3. Skip Navigation Link

4. Success Criteria 2.4.2 Page Titled



Introduction of Dion Taylor

1. Agenda for IITAA 2.0 Face-to-Face meeting on March 15th in Springfield
  • MS: It is going to be mostly the regular group, this will be good since we will not need to do background discussions
  • MS: I would like to talk about what we need for IITAA 2.0
  • MS: Who are the people we need to affect to implement IITAA 2.0
  • MS: What types of resources do we need to support them in improving accessibility
  • MS: Review what kind of resources are currently available
  • MS: We need to review WCAG 2.0 techniques document to see what it provides to support the resources we need
  • MS: What do we need? What do we have (including WCAG)? and then what do we need to create?
  • MS: I am already getting asked what is it we are trying to do that is not already done
  • MS: I want to talk about this at UIC Digital Accessibility Expo
  • MS: As we move forward, what can we do to get IITAA back on the front burner
  • MS: The budget has been a big distraction, many departments are dropping efforts to improve accessibility
  • MS: This is challenging and what ideas are available
  • MS: I would hate to update the standards and there be no interest
  • MS: Any thoughts, comments and additions
  • JG: I think we need to focus on resources and what we need and what existing resources are available
  • NH: The next step I have been focusing on is how we want people to think about accessibility
  • NH: How do we provide a framework for different categories of html markup
  • MS: I think we want to reconnect with these organizational framework
  • MS: TB you sent an e-mail questioning what more than WCAG
  • TB: I would like to see the work coordinated
  • TB: It is important to have one resources with all the techniques
  • MS: We need to be very careful, we want to harmonize
  • JG: Communicated to who?
  • TB: To the W3C or who would have an interest
  • MS: I get questions from vendors from 508, who is IITAA different
  • MS: What is ever different from WCAG 2.0
  • MS: We can share
  • JG: I am on the WCAG techniques group and we will make any technique available to get in to WCAG
  • MS: I hope people can take some time next week to review the current IITAA 1.0 and WCAG 2.0
  • JG: How do want to use the call next week
  • JG: Sounds like people would like to go through IITAA 1.0 and WCAG 2.0
  • MS: We are missing Jamie and Chris Dobson

2. Availability of Firefox and Firebug Extensions (Alpha) to test rules
  • JG: I would be happy to demonstrate the tools
  • NH: We are developing a next generation tools that will be rules centric, rather than element based approach
  • JG: Any other questions or comments about the tools?
  • KH: I have installed them

3. Skip Navigation Link
  • MR: Just look for the link text?
  • HR: Sample code, but there are more than one way
  • MR: It would be a manual check
  • MR: Some pages put navigation on the bottom of a page?
  • JG: Is there any practice that you want to pass them?
  • HR: They might have the code correct, but they go to the area
  • JG: Anybody want anything other than a manual check?
  • JG: Can you provide some text
  • JG: Every page should have skip navigation link
  • MR: There are some pages that don’t need it?
  • KH: There are possibility of more than one link
  • MR: There are sometimes not navigation, we said “main” content area
  • HR: Do we need more than the what was sent
  • KH and TO will work on wording